Battlefield 2021 gameplay screenshots reportedly leaked

battlefield 2021 images leaked

A new batch of screenshots of Battlefield 2021 has reportedly leaked online, revealing what appears to be a more futuristic-looking Battlefield 4.

Although we’re so close to Battlefield 2021’s official reveal, a ton of information about the game has supposedly been leaked. Following DICE giving teasers to content creators, new images have leaked that are reportedly genuine.

Through Tom Henderson’s Discord, four new images of Battlefield 2021 have reportedly been leaked. These appear to be in-game screenshots of the multiplayer, showing off vehicles, the HUD, a sandstorm, and a modern city location.

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Players running towards buildings in Battlefield

TheMW2Ghost, an admin for Tom Henderson’s Discord, has tweeted out the images from his Battlefield account. He has seemed to confirm their validity by calling them “BATTLEFIELD leaked in-games screenshots” and saying that “The leaked Battlefield multiplayer images are pre-alpha.”

Now, Tom Henderson himself has confirmed that these images are genuine. He previously confirmed the validity of the screenshots from the leaked teaser, although recent rumors say that this won’t be the trailer for the official reveal.

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In these screenshots, the HUD and art style are quite similar to Battlefield 3 and 4’s. We can also see the action taking place in a large city with modern-looking skyscrapers reminiscent of BF4’s Dawnbreaker map.

In these images, we get a good look at this city location, one of the weapons, tanks, a helicopter, and a futuristic-looking troop transport. Each image also has what looks to be two sets of redacted text.

The final image reveals a sandstorm rolling over the map, which coincides with Henderson’s previous leak that natural disasters can ravage the map mid-game.

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Of course, as with all leaks, there’s no guarantee that these images are legitimate and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, there isn’t long to wait, as the official reveal will happen on June 9, and here’s how you can watch it.

Image Credit: DICE / EA