Baldur’s Gate 3 players warn against dialogue choice that crushes Halsin romance hopes

Emily Stander
Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3

There are many characters to romance in Baldur’s Gate 3, and sometimes it can be a little tricky to get them to fall in love with you. As one player discovered, you could even ruin your chances with Halsin with a simple dialogue choice.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players a chance to romance pretty much anyone in the party, and players have taken great care to make sure they end up with who they want to be. 

Halsin is an interesting case in this sense because usually characters will want to be exclusive. Halsin, however, is okay with just having a romantic night with you, and more often than not, whoever you’re romancing is okay with you having that night with him. 

As a result, many players have taken the plunge and seen what it’s like to be with Halsin, as it doesn’t really come with many consequences. One player, however, found that this opportunity can easily be taken away from you if you make the wrong dialogue choice. 

“I was playing Durge and chose ‘I can’t really tell you much about my past’ thinking it might lead to ‘because I lost my memory,’” ‘Strange_Song1222 explained in a Reddit post titled “What’s the worst example of not enough dialogue options?”

“But no I got only ‘[Halsin] disapproves’ and since then if I say ‘I don’t know much about you’ I got only one option which is ‘that’s enough for now,’” they continued. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 players in the comments strangely had a similar experience to the player, and not necessarily because they were trying to romance him. According to most, Halsin just seems to get extremely irritated with you for having memory loss. 

“Halsin gets grumpy over your violently induced amnesia. Like my brother in Silvanus, a crazy lady jammed a knife into my skull and removed parts of my brain for a tadpole,” a player commented. 

This wasn’t a case that was unique to players who decided to play as Durge, either, as it seems there isn’t much for Tav to say when you try and open up to Halsin either. Basically, you can’t share much with him, or you can only share a tidbit that doesn’t mean very much. 

“That one was disappointing to me. It’s one of very few times Tav gets to talk about themselves and give some character, but we get nothing,” a player said. 

Players in general felt that having an extra dialogue option for you to express regret about not being able to share anything would make the situation a lot better. This kind of dialogue choice would add a bit more nuance to the conversation, and it could possibly help those who want to romance Halsin. 

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