Baldur’s Gate 3 player spots major Act 3 twist spoiled by a bug

Emily Stander
Captain Grisly in Baldur's Gate 3

When players reach the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3, they are hit with many quests to expand on the story they have been journeying through so far. One of these quests, though, currently has a bug that spoils a major reveal. 

The Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3 is not only where you finally get to face off against the Dead Three. There are many citizens who need your help, and some of their quests bring you back to some enemies you met back in Act 1 and 2

“Save Vanra” is one of those quests, and is actually tied to a bigger quest where you need to help some survivors of the Hag. The Hag, or Auntie Ethel, is a pretty tough boss you can find in the Swamp in Act 1. 

Now she’s back, and she’s terrorizing the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. The quest ends up taking you to the Blushing Mermaid, where you inevitably find out that she is disguising herself as Captain Grisly. 

Currently, though, there is a bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 that tells you the real identity of Captain Grisly before you can figure it out for yourself. 

In a Reddit post titled “Auntie, you’re not supposed to make it so obvious,” a player showed that when you look at Captain Grisly’s healthbar, her title reads “Sister of the Seeing Pearl” when it’s meant to say “Proprietor of the Blushing Mermaid.” 

Now, if you fought Auntie Ethel back in Act 1, you’ll immediately know that this is her when you see that title. This kind of takes away from the mystery of the quest, and it makes it a lot easier to figure out that the Hag is behind Vanra’s capture. 

Apparently Auntie Ethel isn’t the only character who suffers from this, as players have been able to tell when Orin appears as a shapeshifter to you as well. “Same thing with all of Orion’s shapeshifting. I wish there was [an] interaction if you see her coming to call her out,” one player commented. 

Players don’t seem to have noticed this before, so it is unclear if it is a bug or if it’s intentional. Given that Auntie Ethel is trying to disguise herself, though, it’s pretty safe to assume that this isn’t supposed to happen. 

So, the lesson here seems to be that if you double-check titles and stats, you could easily call out or tell who you are dealing with in Baldur’s Gate. Keep your eye on everyone who approaches you. 

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