Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get Mourning Frost legendary staff

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Baldur's Gate 3 Mourning Frost staff

If you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3 as a Wizard, you’d want to get the legendary Mourning Frost staff as early as possible. To help you apply the Chilled effect and crowd control your opponents, here’s how to craft the Mourning Frost legendary staff and find the three Icy parts in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you heavily customize builds and personalize your experience in many ways. Weapons play a huge role in builds, and getting the most powerful ones is usually a long process.

The Mourning Frost legendary staff is no exception, as it can be crafted only after you find the Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, and Icy Helve in the Underdark. Unsurprisingly, the location is full of ferocious enemies and harmful mushrooms.

So, here’s how to get the Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, and Icy Helve parts to craft the Mourning Frost legendary staff in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Underdark Map Baldur's Gate 3
From the Underdark Fort (A1) go North to find your way to the first 2 parts, or go for the third in P3.

How to get Mourning Frost Icy Crystal in Baldur’s Gate 3

To find the Mourning Frost Icy Crystal in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to head to the Underdark and defeat Filro, The Forgotten. You can find him in an area called Sursurr Three Roots in the Northwestern part of the Underdark map (when looking from the Selunite Fortress) after you enter the Myconid Circle, and take the left-side exit.

Filro is a level 5 Loth-Sworn Drow who will attack you immediately on sight. He will be accompanied by a pack of Hook Horrors, dangerous enemies that can leap, provoke you to fall prone, and then multi-attack until you beg for mercy.

Icy Crystal part of the Mourning Frost
Fighting Filro on one of the ledges is risky, you can miss the Icy Crystal if he falls.

If enemies fall to their death, they take the loot with them. That means you might lose important items such as quest items, legendary weapons, and the Icy Crystal he carries.

Filro, The Forgotten is one of those enemies that carry not only a piece of the Mourning Frost, but important information you can extract from his corpse using the Amulet of Lost Voices, or a Scroll of Speaking with the Dead.

To prevent this, make your party retreat to the innermost part of the Sursurr Roots section, then cast Hold Person, or Sleep, on Filro so he doesn’t go running around the roots nor near the dangerous Hook Horror’s Leap AoE.

Then eliminate the pack of monsters and after that, go for the kill, take down Filro, and claim the Icy Crystal part of the Mourning Frost.

How to get Mourning Frost Icy Metal in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get the Icy Metal part of the Mourning Frost in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must complete the Protect the Myconid Circle quest and gain the trust of the Myconid Circle in the Underdark part of Act 1.

To get the Quest, simply approach the area of the Far North-Center, where you will soon spot Myconids, sentient mushrooms that walk. Befriend them and they will soon contact you through their collective mind telepathy, and ask you to meet ‘The Sovereign.’

The Sovereign will task you with a quest called ‘Protect the Myconid Circle,’ where you will need to go and find a group of Dark Dwarves and slay them all. This is a ‘must do’ objective to get the Mourning Frost part you need.

Icy Metal part of the Mourning Frost
You will find the Icy Metal part inside the Myconid Colony’s treasure room.

There are many ramifications of this Quest that we will not address here. Some of them include turning on the Myconid Circle, plotting against The Sovereign with Gut, or siding with the Dwergar. Basically, avoid siding with the Dwergar first, and avoid destroying the Myconid Circle and you are all set.

Once you finish this task, and earn the full trust of the Myconid Circle, The Sovereign will ‘open the gates’ of their ‘treasury’ (P2) for you, there, you will find a Drow Corpse surrounded by Glowing Crystals that hold the Icy Metal part of the Mourning Frost.

How to get Mourning Frost Icy Helve in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get the Icy Helve in Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to defeat the Spectator west of the Underdark Fort, after which it’ll be dropped by Dhourn..

Travel southwest from the Selunite Fortress (A1) perspective. Instead of taking the main exit guarded by Selune’s statue, go towards the left side (looking north towards the exit), and follow the path to the southeast (left) of the fortress entrance.

Traverse the perilous crevice and beware of the exploding fungus that can insta-kill you by pushing you into the abyss. Now, you should have noticed that the Underdark’s main danger is falling into the big bad darkness below, so avoid that at any cost.

Approach the ‘statues’ and your characters will try a ‘Perception check’ to avoid being ambushed. This is the area where you find the Icy Helve (P3), but you will need to fight a Beholder (called The Spectator) to get your hands on it.

The Spectator in Baldur's Gate 3
Cornering The Spectator against the upper ledge will guarantee that Dhourne doesn’t fall.

Have Gale cast Sleep or Shadowheart or a Paladin to cast Hold Person on Dhourn, then if you have Astarion, Lae’zel, Will, or Karlach as your fourth member, deal as much damage on The Spectator per turn as possible.

Crafting the Mourning Frost
Crafting the Mourning Frost will require you to find 3 parts hidden in the Underdark.

He will be jumping from the upper section, towards the ledges of the bottom section and has Flight all the time, so he moves a lot. Beware of the exploding shrooms on the lower right section of the chasm, as they can explode and push either your party or Dhourn to their demise.

Once you have taken down The Spectator, comes the hard part. If Dhourn cooperates, you can have the Icy Helve part of The Mourning Frost. If negotiations go south and he considers you his enemy, repeat the same process, and make him move away from the edge of the chasm, as he can fall once he is dead.

Once you have secured Dhourn’s corpse, deal with his other party members. They don’t pose too much of a threat. Pick your reward after the fight, and you have all three parts of the Mourning Frost in your possession.

How to craft Mourning Frost in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here’s how to craft the Mourning Frost in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Put the Icy Crystal, the Icy Metal, and the Icy Helve in the inventory of a single character.
  2. Right-click on any of the parts.
  3. Select Combine.
  4. When the crafting menu opens, put every part in the slots and hit Combine again.

Simple enough, after all that fighting and questing for the parts. Now you can enjoy the legendary Mourning Frost staff, which empowers the damage of every Frost Spell you cast and makes them cause the Chilled status, which halves the moving speed of enemies and limits their actions per turn.

Mourning Frost Staff Baldur's Gate 3
The Mourning Frost is likely one of the best spellcaster weapons in the game.

Equipping this on Gale will turn him into a powerful Ice Mage. If you are going for a similar build with your main character as a Sorcerer or Mage, it’s a great weapon to have.

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