How to craft Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3: All recipes & ingredients

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Alchemy Lab in Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios

Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3 come in handy for several reasons. They not only enhance your abilities and provide protection but can heal you as well, so here are the steps for making potions in Baldur’s Gate 3, along with the required ingredients, recipes, and their locations.

There are several classes and subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, but there’s no alchemist. However, this doesn’t stop you from becoming an expert at crafting Potions in the game. Preparing Potions requires the same level of skill whether you’re a Bard or a Wizard. Additionally, you’ll find a few Potions that are quite valuable in your journey in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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To equip yourself with the best Potions, you’ll have to make them yourself, and the game offers several ingredients and recipes to help you do so. We’ve laid out all the details to help you gather these recipes and ingredients, which will make you an expert Potion Crafter in no time in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What are Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3 are single-use objects that cause immediate effects upon consumption. Your character will instantaneously get the effects of each Potion, and taking a Potion during combat phases is considered an Additional Action.

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Potions come in various sizes, shapes, and can cause several effects. This includes healing, providing boosts to ability scores, or allowing you to speak to animals, for example, without requiring the Druid or Ranger Class Feature associated with that ability.

Crafting Elixir Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios
Elixirs offer Powerful bonuses to your characters.

What are Reagents and Extraction in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Potions are not the only thing you can craft in Baldur’s Gate 3. Alchemy crafting is a complex process that involves turning Ingredients into Reagents. Extraction is the process by which we craft Reagents in the Alchemy Crafting Menu.

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Reagents are necessary elements to craft Poultices, Potions, Elixirs, Poisons, and Bombs. Depending on the recipes you have found previously, or even when acquiring certain Reagents, you will be able to craft many other useful things, like bombs and the incredibly useful Oil of Sharpness.

Reagents come in various forms: Ashes, Vitriols, Sublimates, Suspensions, Essences, and Salts. By extracting certain Reagents, there is a chance you might learn certain Potion recipes.

How to make Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3

To craft Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must first have the required Ingredients and Recipes. Then, follow these steps:

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  1. Open the Inventory and scroll to the Alchemy Tab (Top right circle).
  2. Select available recipes.
  3. Hit ‘brew‘ or ‘extract‘ (depending on if it is for a Reagent or Concoction).
  4. The items will be automatically added to your inventory (refined Reagents will be added to your Alchemy Pouch).
Recipes Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios
Alchemy Recipes are learned in various forms.

Remember that Reagents and ingredients are shared among Characters through the ‘Magic Pockets’ feature. However, crafted Potions and Items will always appear in the inventory of the character selected upon crafting the items.

Where to find Potion Ingredients in Baldur’s Gate 3

Potion Ingredients are easily one of the most abundant resources in Baldur’s Gate 3. To be able to spot them easily, we recommend you always press the ‘Alt’ key to highlight plants, minerals, mushrooms, and contextual objects.

Plants, mushrooms, and tree bark are abundant in open nature during exploration. Certain rare Ingredients will require a high Perception, Survival, or Nature roll to spot, so be sure you invest in those skills with some of your recurrent characters when exploring the Sword Coast. All Ingredients are stored in your Alchemy Pouch, so it doesn’t stack in your regular inventory.

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Certain Reagents and Ingredients can only be found inside caves, dungeons, or even dropped from enemies. Minerals can also be found when exploring underground locations or ransacked from basements, alchemy laboratories, and evil wizards’ lairs.

Alchemy Pouch Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios
Your Alchemy Pouch will keep all your Ingredients and Reagents in a separate inventory.

Potion Ingredients, Reagents, and even Poisons and Potions can be bought from most NPC traders, so be sure to check their inventories if you are looking for a particular Ingredient that you are having a hard time finding.

Where to find Potion Recipes in Baldur’s Gate 3

Potion Recipes in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be found in three different ways. The first one is collecting Ingredients and passing an automatic ‘Nature,’ ‘Medicine,’ ‘Survival,’ or ‘Insight’ check. Most of your characters currently active in your party will pass this without issues.

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The second way is to read everything that you find. Books, notes, letters, and such can be found all around the Sword Coast, Avernum, and the Underdark. So, be sure to read everything, and don’t only read it with your main character.

Use the Inventory menu to share every book and piece of information with your other characters. That way, others can add information and additional ‘Skill check’ chances to gain certain hidden knowledge.

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The third way is to extract Ingredients and turn them into Reagents. Most of the Potion Recipes can be learned that way if the character that is crafting has enough Intelligence.

Greater Healing Potion Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios
A Greater Healing Potion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Potion recipe list

Potions in Baldur’s Gate 3 come in all forms and shapes, and here’s a list of all Potions and Alchemy Items you can find and craft during your adventures, with details on how to unlock their recipes:

ItemEffectIngredientsRecipe Location
AntidoteCures Poisoned Status.Salts of Mugwort + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Mugwort
Elixir of SilvanusCure Nettie’s Poison (Quest Item).Salts of Mugwort + Saffron ExtractReading Halsin’s Diary in the first room before you meet Nettie will unlock the recipe.
Elixir of Arcane CultivationGain one level 1 additional spell slot. Can be used by any caster class.Vitriol of Weavemoss + Any sublimateLearned by extracting Weavemoss
Elixir of Arcane Cultivation: GreaterGain one level 2 additional spell slot. Can be used by any caster class.Suspension of Laculite + Any VitriolLearned by extracting Laculite
Elixir of Arcane Cultivation: SuperiorGain one level 3 additional spell slot. Can be used by any caster class.Solution of Night Orchid + Any VitriolLearned by extracting Night Orchid.
Elixir of Arcane Cultivation: SublimeGain one level 4 additional spell slot. Can be used by any caster class.Cannot be craftedFound or bought from traders
Elixir of Peerless FocusGains advantage on Concentration saves, and against the Charm effect, cant be Put to Sleep. Sublimate of Belladona + Any AshesLearned by extracting Belladona
Elixir of Hill Giant StrenghtIncreases STR ability score to 21 until Long Rest.Ashes of Hill Giant Finger + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Hill Giant Finger
Elixir of Cloud Giant StrenghtIncreases STR ability score to 27 until Long Rest.Essence of Cloug Giant Finger + Any AshesLearned by extracting Cloud Giant Finger
Potion of HealingRecovers 2d4+2 HPSalts of Rogue’s Morsel + Any SuspensionFound by exploring and gathering Ingredients.
Potion of Greater HealingRecovers 4d4 +4HPAshes of Balsam + Any SaltLearned by extracting Balsam, or reading ‘About the Greater Healing Potion’, found in Act 2, next to Jaheira’s desk.
Potion of Superior HealingRecovers 8d4+8 HPSalts of Musk Creeper + Any SsuspensionLearned by extracting Musk Creeper.
Potion of Sublime HealingRecovers 10d4+20 HPSublimate of Ki’Rin Hair + Any AshesFound by reading ‘The Cure for the Disease’ book, or by extracting Ki’Rin Hair.
Potion of Mind ReadingAllows you to Read Minds without needing Class Feature.Suspension of Mergrass + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Mergrass
Potion of Feather FallGrants Feather Fall, annuling fall damage and reducing fall speed for 1 minute.Sublimate of Autumn Crocus + Any EssenceLearned by extracting Autumn Crocus
Potion of Glorious Vaulting Increases Jump height by one-size unit. Sublimate of Wispweed + Any AshesLearned by extracting Wispweed
Potion of FlyingGrants the ‘Flying’ ability for 10 turns.Sublimate of Eagle Feathers + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Eagle Feathers
Elixir of ViciousnessIncreases your chances to land a critical hit. (-2 to critical hit confirmation threshold).Vitriol of Shadowroot Sac + Any AshesLearned by extracting Shadowroot Sac
Elixir of DarkvisionGrants Darkvision until long rest.Essence of Cristaline Lenses + Any SublimateLearned by reading ‘A Guide to the Underdark’ book – or by extracting Cristaline Lenses
Elixir of See InvisibilityGrants you ‘True Sight’, that allows you to see invisible units. Lasts until Long Rest.Suspension of Nothic Eye + Any SaltLearned by extracting Nothic Eye
Elixir of Fire ResistanceGains Fire damage Resistance until next long rest. Ashes of Dragon Egg Mushroom + Any SaltLearned by extracting Dragon Egg Mushroom
Elixir of Poison ResistanceGains Poison damage Resistance until next long rest. Suspension of Muddy Goo + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Mud Mephit Wing
Elixir of Psychic ResistanceGains Psychic damage Resistance until next long rest. Suspension of Cerebrospinal Fluid + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Intellect Devourer Cerebellum
Elixir of Lightning ResistanceGains Lightning damage Resistance until next long rest. Salts of Copper Shavings + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Copper Shavings
Elixir of Necrotic ResistanceGains Necrotic damage Resistance until next long rest.Vitriol of Oleander + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Oleander.
Elixir of Universal ResistanceGains Damage Resistance to all elements until next long rest.Vitriol of Divine Miasma + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Divine bone shard.
Basilisk OilCures Petrification.Cannot be CraftedFound in the Drow camp, after fighting the first Beholder, in the Underdark.
Potion of SpeedGains +2 to AC, advantage on DEX Saving Throws and doubles Base Speed.Ashes of Hyena Ear + Any saltLearned by extracting Hyena Ear
Diluted Oil of SharpnessWeapons overcomes Non Magic Resistance, gains +1 to attack rolls and +1 to damage. Sublimate of Viridian Crystal + Any SaltLearned by extracting Viridian Crystal
Oil of AccuracyCoat for weapons, grants +2 bonus to Attack Rolls.Ashes of Daggerroot + Any SaltLearned by extracting Daggerroot
Basic PoisonCoat for weapons, targets must pass a CON save throw or become Poisoned.Vitriol of Bonecap + Any AshesLearned by extracting Bonecap or Reading Basic Poison recipe
Oil of WizardbaneCoat for weapons, targets take -3 penalty to Spell Attack Rolls and Disadvantage on Concentration checks.Essence of Gremishka Tail + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Gremishka Tail
Arsonist’s OilCoat for weapons, transforms target Fire Resistance into Fire Vulnerability. Targets Immune to Fire Damage are unnaffected. Sublimate of Frosted Ears + Any AshesLocation Unknown
Oil of CombustionOn hit, weapons apply ‘Oil’ to enemies for 2 turns. Oiled enemies ‘Combust’ when hit by fire effects, dealing 8-18 Fire damage to all targets surrounding them.Ashes of Mephit Magma + Any essence.Learned by extracting Mephit Magma.
Oil of DiminutionWeapons receives a -1 Penalty to Damage but Targets hit by weapon have to pass a CON save or take STR check Disadvantage and -1d4 melee damage reduction.Essence of Sylvan Stone + Any suspensionLearned by extracting Sylvan Stone.
Oil of BaneCoat for weapons. Targets must succeed a CHAR save of 17 or become Baned for 2 turnsVitriol of Putrefied Tumor + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Putrefied Tumor
MaliceCoat for weapons, Enemy hit has to pass a CON saving throw or be Blinded and Poisoned.Vitriol of Loth’s Candle + Any ashesLearned by extracting Loth’s Candle
Drow PoisonCoat for weapons, Enemy hit has to pass a CON saving throw or be Blinded and Poisoned.Essence of Swarming Toadstool + Any SaltLearned by extracting Swarming Toadstool
Thisobald’s Brewed-Up BellyglummerCoat for weapons. Targets must succed a CON save of 17 or become poisoned and take 1d6 poison damage per turn.Salts of corpse Rose + Any SuspensionLearned after defeating Thisobald Thorm,  entering the lab and passing an Investigation Check
Smokepowder BombTargets in a 9 m radius take 3d4+9 Force Damage.Cannot be craftedFound or bought from traders
Smokepowder SatchelCovers a 15 m radius surface with smokepowder. Ignite the surface to cause 3d4+9 Force Damage to enemies in that area.Cannot be craftedFound or bought from traders
Simple ToxinAdds 1d4 Poison damage to weapons.Suspension of Bullywug Trumpet + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Bullywug Trumpet
Potion of PoisonCan be placed in the enemy inventory before battle, enemies can mistake it for potions and will drink it during battle, causing poisoning. *currently disabled. Can be used to Poison certain containers.Cannot be craftedFound in ‘Alchemy lab’ in ruined Village. Read Healers Journal and pass ‘Medicine’ auto check.
Wyvern PoisonCoat for Weapons, targets take 1d8 poison damage, half if they pass a CON saving throw.Wyvern Stinger Ashes + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Wyvern Stinger
Serpent Fang ToxinCoat for Weapons, targets take 1d4 damage per turn and become Dazzled.Supension of Snake Venom + Any VitriolLearned by reading ‘About the Serpent Fang Toxin’ found in Thisobald Thorm’s lab.
Tadpole ElixirEmpowers Tadpole Powers and Psychic Damage by 1d4. (Quest Item and Usable Item).Sublimate of Tongue of Madness + Any essenceSpeaking with Omeluum in the Myconid Enclave in the Underdark will trigger a Quest that will end with you learning this recipe.
Potion of Animal SpeakingAllows you to speak with Animals without having the Class Feature. Lasts until long rest.Essence of Accorn truffle + Any SaltLearned by extracting Accorn truffle – Recipe found in Rosynom Monastery, near the Gremishka Nest
Elixir of The ColosusGains 1xSize, advantage on STR checks and saves, and 1d4 additional weapon damage.Salts of Chasm Creeper + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Chasm Creeper
Elixir of Guilefull MovementGrants Immunity to Difficult Terrain induced Speed reduction and to Paralysis, and Restrained effects.Suspension of Ochre Jelly + Any SublimateLearned by extracting Ochre Jelly
Elixir of BarkskinIncreases base AC to 16Salts of Treebark + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Treebark
Elixir of BloodlustGrants the ‘Bloodlust’ state: On kill gain +5 Temporary HP and 1 extra action.Ashes of Worg Fang + Any SaltLearned by extracting Worg Fang
Potion of InvisibilityUser becomes invisible for 1 minute. Attacking cancels the effect.Ashes of Imp Patagium + Any EssenceLearned by extracting Imp Patagium.
Elixir of HeroismGrants 10 Temporary Hit Points per turn, and become Blessed lasts for 10 turns.Sublimate of Pegasus Feather + Any AshesLearned by extracting Pegasus Feather
Elixir of VigilanceGrants Vigilance Advantage on DEX saving throws and extra reaction per turn (including extra Opportunity Attack)Sublimate of Bloodstained Hook + Any AshesLearned by extracting Bloodstained Hook
Potion of Angelic SlumberDrink to fall into a 2 turn slumber, if the target doesn’t wake by being attacked, it gains the benefits of a long rest.Essence of Planetar Feather + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Planetar Feather
Fungal BamboozlerTargets in a 10 M Radius from Explosion become ‘Befuddled’ for 1d4 turns.Essence of Timmask Spores + Any SaltLearned by extracting Timmask Spores
Heartlight BombIlluminates a dark area of 9m radius.Essence of Nightlight + Any SuspensionLearned by extracting Nightlinght
Alchemist’s FireDeals 1d4 Fire damage in an area, sets the ground on fire, detonates grease.Ashes of Fire Ember + Any SaltLearned by extracting Fire Ember
Acid VialDeals 2d6 Acid damage in a 5 m radius, sets the ground as difficult terrain, and provokes Acid condition.Cannot be craftedFound or bought from traders
Noxious Spore GrenadeTargets in a 10 m radius from Explosion are affected by Noxious Spores for 1d4 turns.Sublimate of Poison Spores + Any AshesLearned by extracting Poison Spores.
Web GrenadeDisperses Spiderwebs in an area, sets the ground as difficult terrain, enemies and allies have to pass a DEX check or be stunned, can be burned by fire causing area combustion.Suspension of Spidersilk + Any VitriolLearned by extracting Spidersilk (Spider Gland)

Some of the Ingredients and recipe locations may be unknown or might differ due to the changes made with the launch version of Baldur’s Gate 3. We will keep this guide updated as more information comes to light.

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