What is the amount of health in Apex Legends?

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apex legends amount of health

Apex Legends is all about dominating and taking advantage of enemy teams when you get the upper hand. One of the best ways to know when you can do so is to know the amount of health the opposition may have.

With more and more players getting to grips with Apex Legends every day, some of the very basics may not be known to these new players.

As well as learning how to use the Firing Range, gaining knowledge about how much damage certain weapons do and how much health everyone has can be vital.

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Apex Legends is now in Season 10, with the game getting bigger and better with every new season. Over the two years since the game was released, we’ve seen many changes to the game, including changes to shield.

Having said that, we thought it would be a great idea to let players know exactly how much health players can have in Apex Legends, including shields.

Amount of health in Apex Legends

health in apex legends

In Apex Legends, players have a base health of 100, and since the devs decided to implement starting loot, players now drop into the map with a white shield on top of that. Each section of the shield adds 25 health to your Legend, which is how much a shield cell will heal you.

So, at the start of every battle royale game, all players will drop into the map with 150 health, with the extra 50 being that of the shield.

You’ll know once you’ve broken the shield and you start to hit an enemy’s base health as you’ll hear a cracking sound and also start seeing the damage numbers in red, which players call hitting “flesh.”

Amount of shield in Apex Legends

apex legends amount of shields

The shield is essential in Apex Legends, especially now that all shields are Evo Shield, which means you can upgrade your current shield all the way to a red shield by doing damage.

Each shield rarity, except for gold and red, will have a certain amount of damage needed for it to upgrade, which is indicated just above your health.

You’ll know what shield enemies have as the damage numbers will correlate with the rarity of their shield.

Here is how much each shield will add on top of your 100 base health:

  • White: 50 shield
  • Blue: 75 shield
  • Purple: 100 shield
  • Red: 125 shield
  • Gold: 100 shield (Shield Cells heal 50 each instead of 25)

So, the maximum amount of health a player can have in Apex Legends is 225, so be wary when you shoot someone and notice dark red damage numbers, as they could potentially have this large amount of health.

So, there you have it, the base amount of health all players have and the amount of shields for each rarity. For more tips and guides on Apex Legends, check out our article on what KP is and the maximum amount you can gain.

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