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How to switch weapons in Apex Legends training

For those players trying to improve their skills in Apex Legends, here’s how to switch weapons in the training mode and improve your game.



how to switch weapons in apex legends training

With a huge influx of new players as of recent, some may be confused about how you can switch weapons in Apex Legends’ training mode.

Apex Legends has received a lot of love recently, especially with big-time streamers giving the game more attention. Like any competitive multiplayer game, newcomers will need to practice and hone in on their skills to succeed.

Apex Legends has a training mode and Firing Range for players to do this, but it seems some have been getting the two confused.

apex legends how to switch weapons

Apex Legends is now in its tenth season, adding a new Legend Seer and various Legend and weapon changes to keep the game fresh.

Apex Legends can seem pretty intimidating to new players, mostly due to the variety of gameplay-specific terminology, as well as the deep IQ needed for handling weapon recoil, positioning on certain maps, and even knowing how to use your Legend’s abilities.

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has a beginner-friendly tutorial and practice space for players to sharpen their skills.

How to switch weapons in Apex Legends training

apex legends firing range

One thing that has been trending recently is how players can practice with different weapons in the training mode. Now, this seems to be a misunderstanding, as players are actually entering the “Training” playlist, a set tutorial that doesn’t have the same freedom as the Firing Range.

Although players can switch weapons during the training mode, this playlist is actually a tutorial aimed at teaching new players the basics of Apex Legends and doesn’t even let you switch Legends or stay in the area after completing the tutorial.

In “Training,” players are taught basic movements, how to loot, how to heal, how to use Ordnances, and even how to revive downed teammates. The “Firing Range” mode is actually the best area for practicing with Legends abilities, different weapons, and even movement.

To switch weapons in the Firing Range, simply walk up to one of the weapon racks on the platform before the shooting targets and tap to prompt button to pick up a weapon, or hold the button to swap it out for the one you currently hold.

There you have it. That’s how you can switch weapons in Apex Legends’ training mode or Firing Range. For more, check out our article on the best landing spots for Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment