Significant quality of life updates coming in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event patch

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends evolution collection event

The latest Apex Legends Collection Event drops soon, bringing patch notes with a host of changes along with it. The developers have detailed the patch notes, which will introduce a variety of great quality of life changes.

Apex Legends Season 10 will be getting a new update come September 14, called the Evolution Collection Event. As well as brand new cosmetics, another heirloom, and Rampart’s Town Takeover in World’s Edge, the update will also bring some fresh game updates.

Not only will there be a host of buffs and nerfs introduced for certain Legends, but players will also be getting some quality of life changes that will definitely improve player experience in Respawn’s battle royale.

apex legends fuse

The Evolution Collection Event reveal and patch notes have definitely caught the eye of Apex Legends players. Not only because of a leaked weapon shown in the trailer but also because of some great quality of life changes.

The devs had already confirmed that the Gold and Red Evo Shield swap change would be in this update, but there are some other changes that will also improve player experience, whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced player.

Quality of life changes in the Evolution Collection Event

Evo Shield

apex legends evo shield update

As well as players now being able to swap Red shield for Gold much more efficiently, starting from September 14 players will be able to see just how much health shields have when viewing loot in death boxes.

This is a great change, as it will allow players to know instantly whether the shield is depleted or not. This will help situations where players are unsure whether someone has already swapped a shield from a death box, allowing them to act quickly and make a different play.

Abandonment warning

apex legends abandonment warning

Another great quality of life change arriving in the Evolution Collection Event update is that players will now be warned much more clearly about abandonment penalties before leaving a match. This will prevent those situations where players accidentally leave, not realizing they are actually about to receive a penalty for doing so.

In order to leave a match, players will now need to hold down the confirm button for a short period of time while red warning text provides information on the penalty you will receive.

Scan indication

Apex legends scan indication

Lastly, but definitely not least, players will now have an indication as to which Recon character has revealed their position.

Currently, in Apex Legends, there is no indication as to who has scanned you apart from some visual and audio cues that only experienced players will understand. This is great for new players, especially as there are now five Recon characters in the game.

That’s all for the quality of life changes coming in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event, for more, check out our article on how to get Arenas Flash event rewards.

Image Credits & Source: Respawn Entertainment