Respawn take legal action against notorious Apex Legends hacker Tufi

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends tufi

Pro Apex Legends players and content creators have been constantly harassed and aggravated by Tufi in Ranked Leagues, but it seems the hacker will finally be getting what he deserves.

For some time now, Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have had problems with reducing the number of hackers and generally making the game a cheat-free experience.

Respawn Entertainment did release a video explaining how they will be dealing with hackers and confirmed their plans to take legal action in a recent Q&A on Reddit.

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apex legends tufi jailed

Since March 2021, Tufi has been ruining the ranked experience for many pro players and content creators, DDoSing servers, and even preventing the likes of ShivFPS from even playing the game.

Further, Tufi also used cheats like aimbot, making him near impossible to beat. Shiv actually eliminated him in a game not too long ago, which caused an emotive response from the streamer that almost got him banned on Twitch.

Apex Legends hacker Tufi Jailed

In Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, not much has been said about Tufi, as he seems to have disappeared. However, NRG Rogue cleared up the hacker’s absence, stating that he has been jailed and is now in a legal battle with EA.

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“He’s in jail. That man is going through the court process right now, tried to warn him, tried to tell everybody, but yeah, our dude is now buried under legal fees.

“Not even joking. I’m not joking. EA got a hold of that dumb f**k. Straight punished his ass.”

It seems EA actually tracked down Tufi, discovered his identity, and is now pursuing him through a court of law.

This is a win for Respawn Entertainment and fans of Apex Legends, especially those who make a living from streaming and creating content around the game, as it shows the developer’s fierce commitment to get rid of the hackers and keep their game fair.

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Very little information has been released about the case. However, it is confirmed that Respawn has taken legal action upon Tufi and will continue to do so for anyone else who attempts to hack their game.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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