Ranked Apex: How much RP do you get from kills and placements?

Liam Mackay
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An Apex Legends player has put together a useful list of how many Ranked Points are earned in each level of Ranked Play.

Ranked Play is Apex Legends’ competitive mode, allowing players to grind through different ranks and earn rewards. Skill-based matchmaking is stricter in this mode, allowing players to track their progress as they put their skills to the test.

Players can earn in-game items and bragging rights depending on the tier they reach by the end of the season.

There are seven ranks for players to work through, ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator. Becoming an Apex Predator means you are in the top 500 players, an accolade few can show off.

Ranked Points (RP) are awarded for eliminations and placement. Once in the higher tiers, you begin a match with negative points so you need to keep improving to climb the ranks.

Reddit user ‘Ninjario‘ has created a chart detailing the points earned for eliminations and placements throughout each tier. With this list, players can easily see the minimum RP they need to keep progressing.

How RP is earned

Points earned are marked by color, with red being negative points and yellow being a small gain. If you earn enough points to be marked green in this chart, you can afford to lose the maximum amount of points next game.

Master and Apex Predator Ranks have the same requirements, although being a Predator means you’re a cut above the rest.

Kills and assisted kills mean the same thing in ranked Apex, and are capped at five. So once you’ve hit the five, you’ve earned the maximum amount of points for eliminations. If you’ve got all the necessary kills, you can now focus on placement points.

If you place anywhere below 10th, you won’t earn any points. So although killing enemies is valuable, you also need to set yourself up to survive. As the games get more competitive, staying alive to reach above 10th place becomes increasingly difficult.

Season 7’s ranked mode will have a soft-reset on December 15th, where players will be dropped back 1.5 tiers. Ranked will then take place on World’s Edge until the end of the season.

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