Mad Maggie offers huge counter to Gibraltar in Apex Legends Season 12

Joseph Pascoulis

In a new character trailer, Respawn revealed Mad Maggie’s abilities are perfect for countering the defensive giant Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Season 12 is almost underway, and fans are getting ready for the addition of new content such as the new LTM Control and Legend Mad Maggie.

One of Mad Maggie’s abilities may possess a very strong counter to Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, which is considered one of the best defensive abilities in the game.

mad maggie's riot drill apex legends

Maggie’s Tactical ability, the Riot Drill, is a little device that plants itself on a wall or object and expels fire through and out to the other side.

Legends take damage from this fire, meaning it will be great for getting players out of camping spots and also downing enemies on low health who retreat to cover.

In the recent character trailer for Mad Maggie, however, we saw a very interesting use for this Tactical, as it seems to work on Gibraltar’s Dome Shied. Players have been reacting to this over on Reddit, with some even believing this will now be a great counter to the defensive giant.

One comment under the Reddit post even stated: “About god damn time Gibby had a viable counter. Wonder what the cooldown and range is like…”

If the cooldown, range, and damage on this tactical are reasonable, this could seriously shake up the Gibraltar meta. Most teams run the defensive Legend due to his shield, as it’s such a useful ability in many situations thanks to its versatility.

Players are hoping this counter will add some “variety to the comp meta,” as Gibby is a common pick in Ranked Leagues and even the ALGS. Along with the Caustic nerf in Season 12, defensive Legends may have a hard time following the new update.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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