How to play Arenas in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends the Arena

After the release of Apex Legends Legacy gameplay trailer, players were given more insight into how the new Arenas game mode will work, including map details, the shop, and how to win.

With Apex Legends’ latest gameplay trailer, players got to see the new Arenas 3v3 mode coming in Season 9: Legacy. The trailer is packed with information about the new mode and some gameplay of the new Legend, Valkyrie.

It seems the past leaks and rumors were correct, and Apex Legends fans will be excited to hear that the new 3v3 mode will arrive next season. Announced by Ash, the mode will feature custom-tailored maps and a completely different way to play Apex Legends, which is traditionally just a free-to-play battle royale.

Apex Legends the Arena phase runner

The Apex Legends Arenas tailored maps

In the gameplay trailer, it seems there will be a mix between some completely new locations and some familiar POIs that have been altered to suit the Arena’s 3v3 playstyle.

As stated by Ash in the trailer, “each Arena has its own personality and acts as an optimal combat testing ground,” one of which even includes a Phase Runner. This map, set in a remote section of planet Talos, features a Phase Runner for creative plays and “unique combat opportunities.”

This could mean that other maps will feature different ways of getting around, perhaps ziplines or other forms of transport, for flanking the enemy and getting different angles.

Some maps featured in the trailer are taken from the current POIs in the game, such as Artillery on Kings Canyon, Thermal Station on Worlds Edge, and Gardens on Olympus.

The Arenas shop

For those familiar with the format in games like Rogue Company, CSGO, and Valorant, this mode will be easy to pick up. Before players enter the game, they will choose a Legend that can not be changed for the duration of the match. Then, at the start of each round, players will be in a spawn room to access the shop to buy their items.

In the shop, players can buy and upgrade weapons and purchase consumables, ordinances, and abilities with Crafting Materials. Ash will provide players with a certain amount of Crafting Materials each round and find more around the map and gain extra through performance.

Apex Legends Arenas shop

You don’t have to spend your materials. You can save them up if you’re confident enough and purchase something with a higher value in the later rounds, so use your credits wisely.

However, it is important to note that purchases do not follow over rounds, so make sure you’re spending based on each round.

In the shop, players can also see what weapons will be in the Airdrop, which is high-risk, high reward loot that spawns in the map during the middle of each round.

Players can also see their armor level in the top left, which, although it hasn’t been confirmed, will most likely increase in rarity throughout rounds or stay the same for every round.

How to win in Arenas

Winning in the Arena is simple. Players fight in a round-based deathmatch until one team reaches 3 victories with a two-win margin, taking home the victory.

If teams both battle to a dead-lock, which in this case is a 4-4 tie, round 9 will feature a Sudden Death, where the team who wins that round will be victorious, without the need for a two-win margin.

Apex legends Arenas deadlock

The Arena is a fast-paced game mode where it could all be over in a matter of minutes, so be careful and strategize correctly to get that two-win margin before your opponents.

For more details on Apex Legends Arena mode and Season 9: Legacy, be sure to stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the new Hop-Ups being added into the game.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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