How to get Apex Legends login rewards for Season 16: Unlock Crypto & Ash for free

Joseph Pascoulis
crypto and ash in apex legends

Here’s how Apex Legends players can get login rewards for the Season 16 update, which can bag you some great Legends for free.

Apex Legends Season 16 is on the horizon, no pun intended, and while the gravity-inspired Legend may be up for some nerfs, as indicated by accidental changes in the Spellbound patch, Respawn have a lot of changes coming for the new season.

While players may be disappointed to hear that a new Legend will not be joining the roster in Season 16, they are working hard to evolve the core gameplay and bring meaningful changes to the rest of the game.

As well as a brand-new weapon and Mixtape mode, Apex Legends Season 16 will also bring login rewards to give players the chance to earn free stuff. Here’s how to get the login rewards for Apex Legends Season 16 and what’s on offer.

How to get Apex Legends Season 16 login rewards

In celebration of Apex Legends’ fourth anniversary, as well as a Collection Event, the devs have decided to bring login rewards for players during the first two weeks of Season 16.

This means that players who log into Apex Legends from Tuesday, February 14, 2023, to February 28, 2023, will have the chance to earn free login rewards.

apex legends ashPlayers can log in and get Ash for free in Apex Legends Season 16.

What are the Apex Legends login rewards?

Apex Legends players will be able to unlock two Legends for free during the first two weeks of Season 16 by just logging into the game. The two Legends players will be able to get for free are Crypto and Ash, but they won’t be available simultaneously.

Here’s a breakdown of when players can obtain Crypto and Ash for the Apex Legend Season 16 login rewards:

  • Crypto: February 14 – 21
  • Ash: February 21 – 28

From February 14 to 21, players can get Crypto along with a thematic Apex Pack that’s guaranteed to include an item for the Legend. Then, from Feb. 21 to Feb. 28, players can unlock Ash by logging in, which also comes with a themed Ash Pack.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment