How to defy gravity as Octane in Apex Legends

Hamza Khalid

Octane has an impressive array of abilities that have made him popular among the Apex Legends community. Now a player has discovered a trick that lets him defy gravity during a match.

There is a great variety of interesting and colorful characters to choose from in Apex Legends. All the Legends in the game are distinctive and come with their own set of unique abilities that make them stand out.

Octane is a fan favorite that is capable of achieving verticality by launching himself across the map. Learning this character allows you to use cool maneuvers such as attacking with 100% accuracy in mid-air.

There are also other tricks that you can learn with Octane, and a new one has been discovered by an Apex player on Reddit. This lets you use the character to defy gravity for a brief amount of time.

Apex Legends trick allows Octane to defy gravity

Reddit user english-cashew posted a clip of them playing as Octane in the ApexUniversity subreddit. During the match, they perform a trick that allows Octane to walk in the air and this impressed the commenters.

All you need to do is perform Octane’s ultimate while he stands underneath a flat surface. He will use the launch pad to go up and then stick to the surface, which will allow you to walk along the air.

This trick is impressive and can be utilized when you’re in buildings and close quarters. A few players have successfully performed this trick at the vents near the turbine on Olympus. You can surf right through them for an easy flank or escape.

The player placed the Legend below a bridge on World’s Edge and then used his ultimate. His upwards momentum wasn’t interrupted and you can see this in the clip below.

The player used this tactic to flank some enemies on the other side of the bridge. This makes the trick ideal for catching your enemy by surprise. Plus it’s fairly easy to perform, so you can use it multiple times in a single match.

You should still be careful about using it during a ranked game. You might get picked off from the sky by a nearby enemy or something might get in your way which stops your momentum before you can perform it successfully.

That said, this trick is absolutely worth trying when playing as Octane. With Season 7 of the Battle Royale well underway, you will find plenty of opportunities to use it in the midst of a battle.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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