Cheaters are already ruining Apex Legends Mobile

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends mobile hackers

Apex Legends players on the Mobile version of the battle royale are already having their experience ruined by cheaters will wallhacks and aimbot.

Despite not even being officially launched worldwide, Apex Legends Mobile seems to be having some issues with cheaters already.

Respawn‘s mobile version of their incredibly popular battle royale game has no doubt impressed players with their vision for “mobile-first Legends” and exclusive game modes.

However, it seems they have big issues to deal with before they get ahead of themselves.

apex legends mobile

Cheaters and hackers are an issue in most battle royale games across all platforms, ruining the experience for those who love to play the game fairly through the use of wallhacks and aimbots.

On console and PC, Apex has suffered greatly throughout the years with both hackers and cheaters. It’s not just players teaming in ranked lobbies that’s a rampant issue, it’s also players using hacking software to gain an unfair advantage, especially on PC.

Unfortunately, it seems this issue is also going to be prominent in Apex Legends Mobile, as Reddit user HamadKx highlighted the issue with a post in the Apex Legends subreddit.

In the post, the user shows a video of a hacker in Apex Legends Mobile, eliminating enemies effortlessly through walls with aimbot and possibly wallhacks. This may not come as much of a surprise to those who are familiar with Mobile games, as hackers seem to be just as prevalent on mobile as they are on PC.

However, it does seem that the issue is affecting the hype for Apex on Mobile, with the caption of the post reading: “I think my excitement ends here for Apex Legends Mobile.”

It could get even worse for those on Apex Mobile, as another user in the comments stated: “You can actually emulate a mobile on your PC so you may encounter players with keyboard and mouse while you’re trying to aim in your potatophone.”

Hopefully, the devs working on Apex Legends Mobile have plans in place to combat the hackers and cheaters, as it does seem to be a big worry for the community.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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