Apex Legends streamer ShivFPS gets banned after breaching Twitch guidelines

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Shiv banned

Popular Apex Legends streamer, ShivFPS, was banned on Twitch recently for hateful slurs after killing a hacker who had previously locked him out of the game.

Apex Legends is no exception when it comes to cheaters and hackers. Unfortunately, most developers will never win the battle against hackers, but Respawn Entertainment do try their best at staying one step ahead.

The only ones who can gain some satisfaction over cheaters are the players, one of which has now been banned on Twitch after defeating a hacker and being extremely excited about it afterward.

Apex Legends shiv streamer ban

ShivFPS is a popular Apex Legends streamer over on Twitch, known for his outrageous and volatile content. Fans of his love watching his over-the-top reactions and, at times, rudeness towards opponents.

Like many other streamers, Shiv has also experienced hardships against hackers and cheaters. It must take a toll on you when you’re constantly being locked out of the game, receiving hateful messages, and being a target of hackers to ruin your experience.

In one of Shiv’s recent streams, he gained some revenge over a hacker who has previously been making his life a living hell, locking him out of the game preventing him from not only playing but receiving income as this is ultimately a streamer’s job, to play the game.

Shiv’s reaction was, of course, extreme and pretty shocking. However, if you know the context and how much this hacker has been tormenting his experience, the reaction could be seen as more understanding.

Apex Legends Shiv reaction

Shiv has since posted the clip of what he suspects was the moment that Twitch regarded as “hateful slurs” targeted against another player. In the clip, Shiv and his team are in a pretty bad situation when they eventually defeat the aimbotter, who is a known Apex Legends hacker called Tufi.

The Apex Legends streamer has been attempting to contest the 7-day ban, presenting the Twitch moderation team with the context so that they understand it wasn’t just a random player.

Whatever happens, the language Shiv used wasn’t pretty, and he definitely did go over the top. However, this is his nature and the reason he has so many fans, as his viewers find his rage amusing and entertaining.

For more Apex Legends news, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and why not check out our article on the upcoming content in Season 9, Legacy.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Twitch

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