How to Get Apex Legends ALGS Legendary bundle skins

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The latest store update for Apex Legends introduces Legendary bundle skins that will go towards the prize pool in the ALGS Championship.

Apex Legends have released a new set of bundles in the store, which have an interesting relation to the ALGS Championships being held on May 22.

The skins are very eccentric and have a safari/animal theme to them, with every purchase of the Legendary bundles going towards the prize pool of the Apex Legends Global Series Championship on May 22.

apex legends global series

What is the ALGS?

The ALGS is the competitive esports tournament for Apex Legends where pros compete against each other in the battle royale for a huge prize pool.

The ALGS has had its playoffs and is now holding the Championship in May, where the players were originally playing for a huge $1 million prize pool.

You can get more information on the dates, teams, and standings for the ALGS on their website.

How to Get ALGS Apex Legends skins

The bundle skins are in the store now, with every purchase contributing towards the Championship prize pool for the high-profile competition for the fan-favorite battle royale. The bundles include a Legendary skin, epic weapon charm, and epic banner frame.

The bundles are available for Octane, Fuse, Pathfinder, and Caustic. Each bundle costs 2,500 Apex Coins, but there is also an Animal Kingdom bundle for 9,000 Apex Coins, including all four of the bundles.

Respawn will add $5 to the ALGS Championship prize pool for every bundle purchased and a further $20 for every Animal Kingdom bundle sold. This could put the prize pool upwards to about $3, a great way to get players and the developers to support those who put so much time into the game and aid the community in coming together to help create a truly worthwhile event.

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