Apex Legends player lags so badly they end up on brand-new Season 15 map

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends drop ship in firing range

An Apex Legends player lagged so hard in-game that they were placed in the brand-new battle royale map that’s rumored to release in Season 15.

Apex Legends is halfway through Season 14, and players are currently enjoying the Fight or Freight Halloween event, which brings a variety of LTMs to the game over several weeks, including Gun Run and Shadow Royale.

Despite the season only just reaching the halfway split, players are excited for the next big content update for Apex Legends, which will be the launch of Season 15.

Just like any new season, players are expecting content, however, according to leaks and rumors, Season 15 could see the arrival of a new map, which doesn’t happen often.

In fact, one Apex Legends player was actually lucky enough to witness the leaked moon-inspired map firsthand, as a strange bug caused them to teleport to the new space.

Reddit user LiquidFire637 claims that they were “lagging really badly in the firing range” when they were randomly teleported to this new map, claiming that their “extremely slow” internet was the cause of the bug.

The Firing Range is often a place where the devs will send players to experience an in-game teaser. This is how many in the comments of the post are explaining this odd bug, as there are rumors suggesting that an in-game teaser for the map is due to arrive soon:

“When arenas were being teased, you could take a drop ship from the firing range to a teaser area that was loaded inside the firing range, just very far away where you would never be able to see it. It’s the same thing here, the new map in loaded somewhere inside the firing range’s instance and we’ll be able to take a drop ship to the teaser.”

We’ll have to wait and see how accurate this is, but this new map has been leaked and rumored for some time now, and if the leaks are true, we should be getting a teaser soon.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment