Apex Legends players find instant death holes in Storm Point

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends storm point death holes

Apex Legends Season 11 introduced players to Storm Point and some have had a more warm welcome than others, as two instant death holes are found.

The Apex Legends Season 11 launch has been very smooth so far. With little to no server issues, we applauded the great new content in our review of the new season.

However, a couple of Apex Legends players have highlighted two instant death holes in Storm Point that Respawn definitely needs to fill.

apex legends storm point

Like any big update, players can always expect a few bugs and glitches. And that’s especially true if the game is introducing a whole new map.

With Apex Legends Season 11, Respawn Entertainment introduced their biggest map yet, Storm Point, and it’s definitely not an exception.

Two players have now found specific positions on Storm Point where you can actually fall through the map and die.

Storm Point’s instant death holes

Apex Legends Storm Point map

Both hodsic and shaleesii have suffered grim fates from the holes in Storm Point. And both streamers posted videos showing exactly what happened.

Apex Legends Pro Liquid Hodsic was the Death Hole’s first victim. His clip shows him sliding into a corner while healing, then instantly dying as he falls through the map.

Of course, like anyone would be, hodsic is very surprised at what happens, as well as being pretty frustrated at the fact that this happened during a ranked game.

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This spot is located just south of Barometer, so be aware for when you are playing , as this has still not been addressed by Respawn.

Another spot is located between Thunder Watch and Highpoint, inside a tunnel that shaleesi’s team finds themselves in.

The video plays out very similar to the previous clip, as the player attempts to heal in a corner and immediately falls through the map to their death.

Hopefully, Respawn can address these gaps in Storm Point soon and put out a fix so that no one else falls victim to the death holes.

For now, be wary of the death holes, and watch what corners you back yourself into! If you’d like to see more on Storm Point, check out our guide on the new map’s Wildlife.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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