All Apex Legends Storm Point map changes for Season 13: The Downed Beast & IMC Armories

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Respawn Entertainment have big plans for Storm Point in Season 13, with a brand new POI and IMC Armories which both add new dynamics to the tropical-themed map.

Apex Legends Season 13 sees map changes to Storm Point, the battle royale’s latest map to be added to the game.

While many have enjoyed this map since its release in Season 11, it’s great to see the devs showing it some love and updating it to give it a refresh and make players excited to get on the tropical island once again.

Let’s get into all the changes coming to Storm Point in Season 13 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 13 Storm Point changes

The Downed Beast

downed beast apex legends storm point season 13

The new Season 13 POI for Apex Legends is known as the Downed Beast. From the reveal trailer, fans were able to witness the Legends taking down a massive sea monster that had been causing some seismic activity in Storm Point’s waters.

After defeating the monster, the beast remained where it fell and is now a new High Tier-loot POI on the map. Players are able to go inside and on top of the beast, as well as on the construction going on around the corpse which is most likely attempting to remove it from the arena.

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The Downed Beast POI is located between The Mill and North Pad, vacating its own section of the map, leaving the surrounding POIs intact.

IMC Armories: Locations & how to use them

imc armories in apex legends storm point season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 also sees the IMC Armories arrive for Storm Point. The Seismic activity caused these dormant underground IMC Armory buildings to rise and appear across the map.

There are four of these Armories across the map in total, so perhaps move carefully when approaching one, as you’ll likely be contested. Here are all the locations of the IMC Armories on Storm Point for Season 13:

  • Northeast of checkpoint
  • Southeast of Lightning Rod
  • Between Gale Station / Fish Farms
  • North of Cenote Cave

These Armories give players the chance to get some great loot for their loadout, including better weapon attachments and Hop-Ups. However, in order to reap the rewards from the IMC Armories, players must survive a 60-second wave of Spectres, which are hostile droids that will be looking to take you down inside the Armory.

After completing this mini-event, players will then have access to Smart Lootbins, which are new to Season 13 and offer players personalized upgrades depending on the weapons they are holding.

Respawn have said that these new locations are only on Storm Point, but if players like them enough, there is a possibility that they could be added to other maps.

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That’s all for the changes coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 13. For more on the battle royale, check out the major changes coming to Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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