Apex Legends devs explain why they won’t make sequel like Warzone 2

Hamza Khalid
Mad Maggie and Warzone operator

Respawn Entertainment have shut down the idea of them developing a sequel to Apex Legends, explaining why they have no plans to follow the example of Warzone 2.

Apex Legends is one of the most influential and popular battle royale titles of all time, with Fortnite incorporating its sliding mechanic and the game competing well against rivals like Call of Duty: Warzone.

With Warzone 2 confirmed to be in development, players have been curious if Respawn Entertainment also have plans for a future sequel to Apex Legends, but this idea has been shut down.

Mad Maggie Apex Legends

While there were rumors of an Apex Legends sequel being planned by EA, Game Director Steven Ferreira confirmed in a recent interview with the Washington Post that there are no plans for a follow-up.

He stated that Respawn have other plans for the game: “We want to continue to have Apex grow perpetually. We think that there’s a lot of runway in terms of the creative space within the universe that we’ve developed.”

Ferreira made it clear that they have “more and more good ideas” for new Apex Legends content, so a sequel or reboot isn’t at the top of their priorities, and we will probably not see one arrive for a long while.

Warzone operator running from helicopters

This might be disappointing to some players but it probably won’t affect the hype for future updates, with Season 12 set to bring a plethora of exciting new content, including the new Legend Mad Maggie.

While an Apex Legends sequel isn’t currently on Respawn or EA’s agenda, that doesn’t mean that a follow-up like Warzone 2 is completely off the table, and we might see it arrive at some point in the future.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / Raven Software

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