New Apex Legends Hop-Ups revealed for Season 9: Legacy

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends legacy hop-ups

With the latest gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, players were finally able to catch a glimpse at the upcoming Hop-Ups that will be available for certain weapons.

For weeks, Apex dataminers and content creators have been speculating about what kind of new content we will see for Apex Legends Legacy.

Apart from the new Legend, Valkyrie, maps updates, and the new Arena mode, it seems players will be getting even more than they bargained for with all-new Hop-Ups in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Hop-Ups

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy Hop-Ups

In Apex Legends, we have Hop-Ups for several weapons: Skullpiercer Rifling for the Longbow and Wingman, Quickdraw for the RE-45 and Wingman, Hammerpoint Rounds for the Mozambique and P2020, Turbocharger for the Havoc and Devotion, and lastly, Anvil Receiver for the Flatline and R-301.

In the past, we have seen Hop-Ups come and go, like the Disrupter Rounds, which definitely did their job to disrupt the community. However, we have also seen them come back, like the Anvil Receiver in the current Apex Legends Season 8 loot.

In the upcoming Apex Legends Legacy loot pool, however, it seems we will be getting some interesting new Hop-Ups that could shift the meta, especially with the new weapon, the Bocek Bow.

Deadeye’s Tempo Hop-Up

First off, we have Deadeye’s Tempo, an interesting new Hop-Up, unlike anything we’ve seen before. This Hop-Up will be used on the Sentinel and the Bocek Bow, and by the sounds of it, they could shift the meta in their favor.

Deadeye’s Tempo increases both the Sentinel and Bocek Bow’s rate of fire through a rhythm mechanic, which requires players to shoot at the “perfect moment.”

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Hop-Ups

This “perfect moment” will be indicated on-screen through a little blue marker, which will show you if you’re shooting with the right timing to increase the fire rate.

This Hop-Up could be very impressive, especially on these weapons, which are typically slower than other snipers such as the Triple Take. This Hop-Up could see these weapons to the forefront this season for long, medium-range engagements, especially if you master the timing and hit those shots in quick succession.

Shatter Caps Hop-Up

Lastly, we have Shatter Caps, another intriguing Hop-Up that sounds like it could bring more versatility to those weapons with medium and longer-ranged fights.

Shatter Caps will be available for the 30-30 Repeater, and again, the Bocek Bow. It seems this season will be focussing on players picking up and trying this new Bow weapon, with two new Hop-Ups to tempt players into picking it up.

This new Hop-Up will split both the 30-30 Repeater and Bocek Bow’s rounds into a blast pattern, firing six projectiles instead of one, reducing the damage and range of each pellet but increasing the spread much like a shotgun.

This Hop-Up will be most effective up close and should not be used for longer ranged engagements. Shatter Caps will provide both these medium-ranged weapons with a close-up option, adding more versatility to their playstyle.

These new Hop-Ups for Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy sounds very interesting, and could see the meta change quite a bit. For more on Apex Legends, keep it locked on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the Low Profile changes coming in Legacy.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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