Apex Legends exploit gives players “infinite” lunge speed glitch

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends caustic nox gas grenade

A new speed glitch exploit has been found in Apex Legends that allows players to lunge extremely far across terrain.

Apex Legends is definitely not void of bugs and exploits. Just recently the Sentinel and Rampage had to be temporarily removed from the game due to an exploit involving infinite charge-up time.

Now, with the Dark Depths event on its way, players have found a new exploit involving an infinite lunge, which gives players a massive advantage when it comes to mobility and speed.

apex legends caustic

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a speed exploit in Apex Legends, but previously they have involved Octane’s stim. This new exploit works slightly differently and has certain requirements in order for players to execute it.

Luckily, not all Legends can perform the exploit and there is also some tricky timing to it that makes it very difficult to do, so you won’t have to worry too much about encountering the exploit frequently.

Reddit User and Apex Legends content creator RossBobSquirrel brought the exploit to the community’s attention with their recent post titled: “You can lunge forward an infinite amount of times with this speed glitch.”

The exploit involves players using either Caustic, Gibraltar, Seer, Bangalore, or Horizon. The reason it works with these Legends is because they all have throwable Ultimate abilities.

In order to execute the exploit, players are hitting the following commands:

  1. Press your Ultimate button when it is ready.
  2. Then, quickly press your melee button.
  3. Immediately swap weapon to cancel the melee animation.
  4. You should then lunge forward and be able to repeat the exploit as many times as you want.
apex legends wraith melee

The main reason you won’t see it very often is that it takes some pretty precise timing. Further, if you get the timing wrong, and your melee animation comes out, you will not be able to do the exploit for the remainder of the match.

According to one of the comments under the Reddit post, this exploit has been around for some time: “i remember seeing this and doing it like over a year ago at this point lmao. crazy that its “now” coming to attention.”

We should hopefully see a fix soon for this exploit as it can be done on both consoles and PC. If players take enough time to practice the glitch and do it consistently, it can definitely become an exploit that begins to ruin the game for others.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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