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Apex Legends Season 12 moves Olympus’ high-tier Loot Bin

Apex Legends Season 12 is bringing changes to Olympus. For those who liked landing on the high-tier Loot Bin, its position has been moved.



The Apex Legends devs are making big changes to Olympus in Season 12, one of which changes the location of the guaranteed high-tier Loot Bin.

As many fans now know, Apex Legends Season 12 is bringing some hefty changes to Olympus. As well as new POIs, the update will also bring minor tweaks and changes to the map.

One of these changes was recently revealed, and for those who loved dropping at the waterfall above Hammond Labs to get the high-tier Loot Bin, you may be disappointed when dropping there in the new update.

apex legends olympus hammond labs

There won’t just be a new LTM, Legend, and Anniversary Collection Event arriving in Season 12, as we will also be getting Olympus back in the battle royale’s map rotation.

For a map update as big as this one seems, it will take players time to find and know all the changes the devs have made. Having said that, EA did put up a handy blog giving us a slight head start on what Sabotaged Olympus will look like.

As well as two new POIs, the update is also bringing more minor changes to the map. Players will be seeing new pathways and ziplines to traverse the map, including the removal and addition of Jump Towers.

New Olympus high-tier Loot Bin location

apex legends olympus poi docks

One of the more significant changes coming to Olympus is that the high-tier Loot Bin has been moved.

Originally, players would find this guaranteed high-tier Loot Bin in the middle of the three bins on the waterfall location above Hammond Labs. Now, this bin can be found in the middle of the three at the “North edge of Docks.”

In a recent blog concerning the map changes, the devs claim this was done to “take some of the heat off of the Labs area of the map and spread squads out more off drop.”

So, if you’re looking for some guaranteed great loot off drop, perhaps you should think about landing along the outer ring of Docks. However, be warned, this spot is likely to be heavily contested, so watch out and don’t get punched off the map!

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment