Apex Legends leak reveals Ash Heirloom coming in Season 16

ash on apex legends storm point mapRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaks have revealed that Ash will be the next Legend to receive an Heirloom in Season 16 of the battle royale.

Apex Legends Season 16 dropped with a bunch of new content and meta changes for both weapons and Legends thanks to buffs and nerfs. This has reignited the player base and got more people enjoying Respawn’s battle royale than ever before.

The season launched with the Anniversary Collection Event, celebrating the game’s fourth year running, but players are already looking ahead.

Apex Legends Season 15 brought more Collection Events in a season than players had seen before, and much of the same is expected for Season 16. We already know that the Imperial Guard Collection Event will come this season, with rumors suggesting Wraith’s Heirloom recolor will arrive.

Now, leaks are suggesting that the next new Heirloom to arrive in Apex Legends for Season 16 will be Ash’s.

Apex Legends leaks reveal Ash Heirloom plans

Reliable Apex leaker Kralindo revealed details for upcoming animations that are set to arrive in Season 16. While the information revealed new animations for a variety of characters, which indicates new Emotes, the most interesting aspect of the leak is the new content for Ash.

When a Legend receives an Heirloom they also get various animations along with it, as well as a new Banner Pose and Quip. According to Kralindo, Ash will get “multiple” animations “for both movements and banner pose,” which indicates that the Legend will receive an Heirloom.

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That said, it’s still important to remember, and Kralindo makes it clear, that these are just leaks, and none of it has been confirmed by Respawn, so take it with a pinch of salt.

We do not yet have any idea of what Ash’s Heirloom may be, or its release date, but we know that it will likely arrive in a Season 16 Collection Event after Imperial Guard.

As more information is released regarding Ash’s Heirloom, both leaks and official news, we’ll be sure to update this piece so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment