Apex Legends Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event: Release date, skins, login rewards, more

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apex legends anniversary event

Respawn love to celebrate the Apex Legends anniversary with an event and Season 12’s launch has marked the date for the Anniversary Collection Event, bringing cosmetics and a new skin type.

Apex Legends is known for having great content updates and communication with the community. With that being said, players are always hungry for new content.

With Season 12 now officially underway, introducing Mad Maggie and Control, players are also excited about the new Anniversary Collection Event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends third Anniversary event.

When is Apex Legends’ Anniversary?

apex legends anniversary

Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale was released on February 4, 2019, making this date its anniversary every year since its launch. In celebration, players typically get an in-game event to mark the date.

This year, Apex Legends will celebrate their third anniversary with the launch of Season 12, not only offering login rewards but also a brand new Collection Event.

Apex Legends Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event Release date

apex legends 3rd anniversary collection event

The first Collection Event of Season 12 will arrive on February 15, a week after the new season’s launch. The event will last until March 1.

The Collection event will come with the standard 24 items, but instead of an Heirloom, collecting all the rewards will get you Bloodhound’s Prestige skin.

Anniversary Collection Event skins

The Apex Legends Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event will introduce loads of new skins. Thanks to the Season 12 Gameplay trailer, fans were given a look at these skins, which seem to be inspired by current Legendary skins that are in the game.

Further, the reward for completing the collection is a brand new skin type called a “Prestige Skin,” which is an evolving cosmetic that replaces the traditional Heirloom in this CE.

Bloodhound Prestige skin

Usually, players would expect a new Heirloom to drop, but as Season 12 will be hosting two Collection Events, with the next one being titled Warriors, this one will provide a brand new skin type.

The skin features three tiers and an exclusive finisher. In order to unlock each tier, players will need to complete challenges like “Deal 30,000 damage with Bloodhound.” Once unlocked, each tier will be available for the player to choose and equip.

Perhaps this will be the formula going forwards for each new season of Apex, two collection events, one with a Prestige skin and the other an Heirloom.

Squad Skins

In the collection, Legends have been given their own renditions of the following skins that are already in the game:

  • Fuse – Dread Captain
    • Bloodhound
    • Mad Maggie
fuse dread captain bloodhound mad maggie

  • Loba – Purple Reign
    • Bangalore
    • Valkyrie
loba purple reign bangalore Valkyrie

  • Caustic – Blackheart
    • Revenant
    • Gibraltar
caustic blackheart revenant gibraltar

  • Crypto – Hype Beast
    • Wattson
    • Mirage
crypto hype beast wattson mirage

We don’t know yet what the names of these skins will be, but it’s a great idea by Respawn to give certain Legends their own rendition of present Legendary skins.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Rewards

Reward Tracker

apex legends anniversary event rewards

The Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event will also bring a brand new Reward Tracker for players to unlock free rewards by simply playing the game.

This will include “12 community-created cosmetics and more.” As you can see from the image, completing this Reward Tracker will earn you two Collection Event packs, giving you the chance to get something from the 24 item collection without spending money.

During the event, players will get a set of event challenges that will reward Event Points. In order to complete the tracker, players will need to earn 5,000 points during the event. Each challenge will reward players anything from 100 to 200 points.

Apex Legends Login Rewards

apex legends anniversary login rewards

As well as a whole Collection Event and Reward Tracker, this year, players will also be getting login rewards for the month of February.

Starting from Season 12’s launch, players will be receiving three consecutive weeks of rewards:

  • February 8 – 15: Octane & three Thematic Packs
  • February 15 – 22: Wattson & three Thematic Packs
  • February 22 – March 1: Valkyrie, three Thematic Packs, & one Legendary Pack

If you already own these Legends, players will still get the Thematic Packs for them, which are essentially Apex Packs that guarantee items for that specific Legend.

If you’re interested in more on Apex Legends, check out all the Ranked changes in Season 12.

Source: EA

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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