Apex Legends Fuse trick turns him into a wallhack God

Joseph Pascoulis
Fuse in Apex Legends

Fuse mains will be happy to hear that a new Apex Legends trick has been found that turns his Ultimate into an extremely powerful wallhack.

According to the Legend pick rates for Apex Legends Season 11, Fuse isn’t exactly the most popular Legend among the community.

Despite various buffs to improve his kit, Fuse still remains among the least picked Legends. Having said that, this new trick just might convince you to give the Aussie a go, as it massively increases the scan radius of his Ultimate ability.

apex legends fuse

Originally Fuse has mainly been used as an offensive Legend, using his Ultimate to trap enemies and the Knuckle Clusters for damage. Now, with this trick, players can use his Ultimate for Recon purposes, and it’s not an exploit.

The trick is simple and seems to have been birthed from pure ingenuity. Essentially, players will need to shoot one of Fuse’s Tactical Knuckle Clusters directly up in the sky while their Ultimate is available. Then, players need to pull out the Motherlode and aim straight at the cluster in the sky.

Japanese Apex Legends pro shomarusamaa brought the Fuse trick to the community’s attention with a recent clip showing it in action.

As the Ultimate gives you increased ADS zoom, you should be able to do this with ease. Shoot the Motherlode at the cluster and watch it explode and cover the ground below it with a huge radius, scanning anyone within the ring of fire.

The height at which this allows Fuse players to shoot their Ultimate ability means that the ring of fire has more time to spread before hitting the ground, creating a much bigger ring to scan enemies.

This could potentially be extremely useful for Fuse players, as it basically acts as wallhacks against anyone inside the massive ring, including those in buildings.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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