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All Mega Gardevoir weaknesses & best counters in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s latest Raids feature Mega Gardevoir and here’s a guide that’ll help you defeat it exploiting its weaknesses



mega gardevoir in a pokemon go background with logo

Mega Gardevoir made its way into Pokemon Go this week, but you’ll need to be prepared to face it in Mega Raid Battles. Here are its weaknesses and best counters to defeat it.

The arrival of the Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go also brought with it the inclusion of Mega Gardevoir for the first time in the game. The extremely popular Pokemon finally received the Mega Evolution treatment in the mobile game and is starring in Mega Raids.

To prepare players for battle, we put together this guide that highlights Mega Gardevoir’s weaknesses and the best counters that should be on your team.

Pokemon Go Mega Gardevoir
Mega Gardevoir is the star of the Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go

Mega Gardevoir weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Mega Gardevoir is a Fairy and Psychic-type Pokemon, which means that it’s weak against Ghost, Poison, and Steel-type attacks. Make sure to focus your team on these specific types.

It’s also worth noting that Fighting and Psychic-type attacks won’t hit Mega Gardevoir with much damage, so you should avoid that approach. Dragon-type attacks will have no effect so those are also out of the question.

Best Mega Gardevoir counters in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best counters to defeat Mega Gardevoir in Pokemon Go Raids:

Mega GengarLick & Sludge Bomb
MetagrossBullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Mega BeedrillPoison Jab & Sludge Bomb
NihilegoPoison Jab & Sludge Bomb
Mega BanetteShadow Claw & Shadow Ball
GiratinaShadow Claw & Shadow Force
DialgaMetal Claw & Iron Head
Mega SteelixIron Tail & Heavy Slam
ExcadrillMetal Claw & Iron Head
RoseradePoison Jab & Sludge Bomb
Mega AerodactylSteel Wing & Iron Head
ChandelureHex & Shadow Ball
BisharpMetal Claw & Iron Head
Mega AggronIron Tail & Heavy Slam
Mega ScizorBullet Punch & Iron Head

You can still defeat Mega Gardevoir if you don’t have any of these Pokemon, just make sure you exploit its weaknesses with Ghost, Poison, and Steel-type attacks.

How to get Mega Gardevoir in Pokemon Go

It’s important to know that you can’t catch Mega Gardevoir after defeating it in a Raid Battle. Instead, you can catch a regular Gardevoir and Mega-Evolve it. For that, you’ll need to defeat many more Mega Gardevoir in Raid Battles and collect Gardevoir Mega Energy. When you have enough, you can Mega-Evolve it for a limited time.

Once you Mega-Evolve Gardevoir once, you won’t need more Mega Energy to do it again. Instead, you’ll only have to wait for the cooldown to end.

Mega Gardevoir will appear in Raid Battles during the Valentine’s Day event from February 8 to February 15, 2023.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company