XDefiant Creator Codes Program explained

Joseph Pascoulis
XDefiant GSK character close up

XDefiant‘s Creator Codes Program is a new feature in the Season 1 update that allows you to support your favorite YouTubers and streamers.

If you’re interested in the program and want to know which creators you can support, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Creator Codes Program in XDefiant?

The Creator Codes Program allows you to support several XDefiant YouTubers and streamers through a commission on your in-game purchases. The bundles and cosmetics available in the store won’t cost you anything extra when you link a creator to your account.

This is similar to the creator codes feature in Fortnite.

How to support a creator

  1. From the main menu of XDefiant, head to the Store tab.
  2. Next, select the “Support a Creator” option found at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Here, simply select the creator you wish to support and hit “Save and Close.”

Once you’ve done this, the Creator Code you’ve selected will be linked to your account for the next 14 days, or whenever you change/cancel it.

You can change or cancel it whenever you like, just head back to the Support a Creator page to do so.

Which creators can you support?


This is the current list of creators you can choose to support in XDefiant Season 1. Popular names such as ex Call of Duty pro Scump, and popular Twitch streamers like Swiftor, Jericho, and Apathy are all included. Creators not on the list can apply to be added, so we expect to see more added throughout the seasons.

Speaking of codes, make sure you check out our guide on all the active codes in XDefiant for some free rewards, or perhaps you’re more interested in the Battle Pass.