WWE 2K24 MyFaction Persona Cards explained: All cards so far & how to unlock them

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Persona Cards in WWE 2K24

The popular MyFaction mode in WWE 2K24 features a set of special Persona Cards that can be added to your collection. With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Persona Cards in WWE 2K24 MyFaction, including all Persona Cards found so far and how to unlock them.

WWE 2K24 sees the return of game modes such as the fan-favorite MyFaction. The mode has now been refreshed with the introduction of Persona Cards.

These unique items can be used for online matches and some of them require plenty of effort to earn. So, here’s everything you need to know about Persona Cards in WWE 2K24 MyFaction, including all the Persona Cards and how to unlock them.

WWE 2K24: Persona Cards explained

Persona Cards in WWE 2K24 are special cards that can only be obtained in the MyFaction mode. These cards unlock an alternate persona of a Superstar, themed around their gimmicks from the past. They come with an alternate outfit, different music and titantron theme, and even unique bits of commentary in line with their personality traits.

WWE 2K24 Elite Hulk Hogan card
Persona Cards are alternate versions of Superstars.

Getting your hands on a Persona Card will also let you use the alternate version of the Superstar in other game modes like exhibition matches, Universe, and more. The unique version will be present in the main roster in other modes.

WWE 2K24: All Persona Cards found so far & how to unlock them

Here are all the special Persona Cards present in WWE 2K24 MyFaction at the moment. The game will likely receive more unique items, so we’ll be sure to update this list:

Persona CardHow to unlock
Sheamus ’09Unlocked through the Superstars Series 1 pack, which is provided to all players after starting MyFaction.
The Rock ’24Can be unlocked as a completion reward by collecting Amethyst Sami Zayn, Amethyst Kevin Owens, Ruby Bray Wyatt, Ruby The Miz, and Ruby Jive Owens.
Roman Reings ’24Unlocked after beating the ‘Boss Battle: It Doesn’t Matter What I’m Wearing’ Live Event.
Elite John Cena Can be unlocked by using a Locker Code.
Elite Cody RhodesRoman Reigns ’24
Elite Hulk Hogan Unlocked by using the Locker Code found inside the packaging of the WWE Mattel Elite Collection Hulk Hogan available at Target stores. (Only available in the US)
Seth Rollins ’14Can be unlocked by collecting these WWE Oddities: Big Red Boots, Monday Night, Messiah Jacket, Sunglasses, Torch, Tactical Vest
Trick Williams ’22Can be unlocked by collecting these WWE Oddities: Boxing Gloves, Boxing Shorts, Cuban Link Chain, No Mercy Boots, Trick Willy Hat

WWE 2K24: How to get Oddities

Most MyFaction cards in WWE 2K24 will require you to collect a set of WWE Oddities. These collectibles are essentially items or props associated with a specific Superstar. Gathering them will unlock their special Persona card.

On that note, here’s how you can get Oddities in WWE 2K24:

  • Completing limited-time Live Event Challenges while meeting the given requirements.
  • Fighting through the Weekly Tower mode.
  • Progressing to higher ranks in the online Ranked mode.

That was everything to know about Persona Cards in WWE 2K24. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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