WWE 2K24 players already want more “amazing” new Superstars versions

Franco Diaz
Elite Cody Rhodes entrance in WWE 2K24

The early access of WWE 2K24 has left many players fascinated with a new feature that has not gone unnoticed. Check out what it’s about and why players “would love to see a ton more of these.”

2K Games opened the doors to the early access of WWE 2K24 on March 5, 2024. Devs let all fans who have purchased the Deluxe or Forty Years of WrestleMania editions jump directly into the game a few days before its worldwide release.

During the first hours of WWE 2K24, fans have been enjoying all the new features that 2K Games introduced in the new title of the franchise, such as the new match types, the revamped Showcase of Immortals, and many new gameplay mechanics.

User ‘FunkoPoppa’ posted on Reddit “Tell me I’m not the only one…” where he details what his favorite feature is, but fans were surprised to notice that it had nothing to do with the new mechanics or any particular game mode.

The OP points out that the favorite feature of WWE 2K24 is the addition of the new Action Figure Versions of the Superstars. Quickly, the community came out to support how “amazing” they look, and even user a player went further and commented that they “would love a ton more of these.”

Called ‘Elite’, these versions of the Superstars are playable action figures introduced in the WWE 2K franchise. At the moment, there are only two Elite Superstars: Cody Rhodes and John Cena. However, some leaks indicate that the Elite Hulk Hogan version is coming in a future locker code.

Player ‘OhTacoBoutIt’ commented “They should’ve done a game like this instead of WWE Brawlers,” remembering the forgettable WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the animated game of the WWE 2K franchise. And with a bit of humor, another player joked about the game’s slogan since now they can “Finish the TOY story.”

If you want to join the trend of these players and spend hours playing with the Elite Superstars in WWE 2K24, you should know you can get the version of Cody Rhodes through the Nightmare Family pack, while Elite John Cena can be obtained with a locker code until April 1, 2024.

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