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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players furious as Raven remove classic battle royale playlists

Raven Software removed the battle royale mode in its weekly update, and fans have expressed their frustration at the decision.



Warzone squad looking out of plane

Every week, Raven Software keeps Warzone fresh by updating the modes that are available to players. Unfortunately, this week the removal of the classic battle royale playlists has sparked an angry reaction from the game’s fanbase.

Since its launch, different modes have been added to Warzone to offer fans a wider variety of things to do in-game, and this is still the case in Season 5. From the chaotic scramble of Plunder or the fast-paced action of Rebirth Island, these additional modes can be a nice change of pace when the core battle royale isn’t going your way.

However, the latest update to the modes has caused a furious response from the community, as Raven removed all of the classic battle royale playlists.

Warzone players landing in battle royale

In its weekly playlist update, Raven announced that Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads in core battle royale would be removed, as well as King Slayer and Plunder Trios.

These are replaced by every version of Buy Backs from Solos to Quads, and Payload. Resurgence on Rebirth Island is staying in place, while Plunder Trios is also being vaulted.

Although the change is surely temporary, fans were quick to respond to the news. Many criticized the developers for restricting the mode that made Warzone the powerhouse it is today.

“This is one of the worst updates Warzone has ever had,” said one angry fan. While another replied, “Yeah, good idea to remove the core Warzone mode that all of us downloaded the game for.”

Many other players vented their frustration at the removal, saying they “wouldn’t be playing much Warzone” this week as the other modes on offer aren’t as fun.

It remains to be seen how this change affects the number of players in the game over the coming week, and whether fans will play elsewhere until battle royale returns.

A handful of fans did come out in defense of Buy Backs and Plunder, saying those playlists are less intense than the full-scale battle royale. But the overwhelming feeling was that this move has not pleased the community.

Raven will update the playlists once again on September 3, and players will be hoping the core mode makes a comeback after a short break.

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Image credits: Activision