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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs return fan-favorite feature to Plunder

Those who love Warzone’s Plunder mode are calling for the developers to return one of the features that made it so lovable.



Warzone Plunder Edit Loadouts

Warzone players are calling for the developers to return a particular feature of the Plunder game mode.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard on the way, which will integrate with Warzone and bring new content for the battle royale lovers, players are gearing up for its release and continuing to have fun on Verdansk.

However, some fans of the Warzone Plunder game mode are disappointed with the developers changing a particular feature which many enjoyed about the mode.

warzone plunder

The Warzone Plunder mode is very different from the battle royale, as it allows players to respawn into the map and fight it out to gain the most amount of cash.

This game mode gives players a break from the intensity of battle royale and allows them to have some fun with the game, knowing they will be able to respawn when playing Warzone Plunder.

One feature players loved about Warzone Plunder was the ability to change your weapon loadout mid-game, which was great for those who wanted to try out and level up different weapons in one game.

Reddit user Lifeesstwange expressed their opinion on this change: “Please put back the ability to adjust loadouts mid-game in plunder.”

Previously in Warzone Plunder, players could adjust loadouts in-game, allowing them to try out different perks, attachments, and builds for weapons. This was great, especially as there is no other way players can try out loadouts in real-time.

“Why in the world did they take this out? Since they refuse to put a firing range in for build testing, we now have no way to test kits in real-time and adjust.

One comment suggests it may have been removed due to players finding exploits through the feature: “My impression is they did it because someone figured out ways to exploit bugs through it. And they haven’t figured out (or had time) to close the loophole(s) there.”

This was the case, as the developers did previously remove the ability to edit loadouts in-game for Warzone Season 4 due to an exploit that was allowing players to get camos and blueprints.

These wishes were granted on August 23 when the loadout edit feature was added back into Plunder, much to the delight of players who will now be able to change what they are using without leaving a Plunder match.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software