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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

JGOD reveals the only Modern Warfare gun players should use in Warzone

There’s a lot of weapons to choose from in Warzone, but YouTuber JGOD has revealed which Modern Warfare option is the most viable.



JGOD and Warzone Kar98k gameplay

With the dozens of weapons on offer in Warzone, picking out the right one for you can be very difficult. Thankfully, popular YouTuber JGOD has narrowed the search by revealing the only Modern Warfare gun worth your time in the battle royale.

Warzone Season 5 is well and truly underway, and it has brought with it plenty of changes and updates to the game’s meta. Changes like the addition of the RAAL MG have shaken up the battle royale, leaving many wondering what the best loadout for them is.

When struggling to find the perfect combination, players often turn to Warzone content creator JGOD who is constantly showing off the game’s best Perks and guns. His newest tip has suggested that the community avoids an entire section of weapons, with the exception of one.

Warzone Season 5 characters in a line

JGOD was questioned by a player on Twitter, asking him if Uzi and MP5 setups were useable in Warzone Season 5. The YouTuber responded by saying that everyone should steer clear of all Modern Warfare weapons, apart from the Kar98k.

The Kar98k has been a Warzone staple for many players over the last few seasons, thanks to the Markman Rifle’s versatility at both long and short-range, and its high bullet velocity. The added bonus of one-shot headshots has made it a strong option for most playstyles.

JGOD himself recently showed off a sniper support class with the Kar98k and the AK-47. The combination helped him and his squad to six victories on the spin.

This reveal comes after the former favorite from Modern Warfare, the MP5, was hit with a major nerf in the August 16 patch. Fans will instead have to look towards the likes of Black Ops Cold War guns to stay competitive, based on the Warzone experts’ recommendation.

We’ll have to wait and see if the MW weapons receive a much-needed buff from Raven Software in a future update. Until then, it appears the Kar98k will be the best hope for fans of that particular game.

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Image credits: Activision / JGOD