Slept-on MW2 rifle dominates Warzone at all ranges with unmatched TTK

Joseph Pascoulis
mw2 ftac recon battle rifle in mw3 and warzone firing range

An MW2 rifle has an unmatched TTK in Warzone, but it’s a gun that escapes players’ minds when they think of top options, but perhaps that will change.

Warzone features so many weapons it’s hard to keep up with, especially now that Modern Warfare 2 weapons are back in the meta. Players are starting to notice just how competitive some of the MW2 guns are in comparison to MW3‘s top options, but a certain Battle Rifle is still being ignored.

The FTAC Recon wasn’t exactly the most popular Warzone weapon during MW2’s lifespan, but players may want to pay attention to it now, as it actually has an unmatched TTK at all ranges.

In single fire, the FTAC Recon can drop enemies with full armor in about five shots. This, combined with a fast trigger finger, makes for some ridiculous TTKs. This is especially powerful considering it performs just as well in close to medium range as it does for long-ranged engagements. So long as you can keep a steady aim and a fast trigger finger, the FTAC Recon is an absolute TTK beast across all distances.

You’ll want to use our best Warzone loadout for the FTAC Recon, as we’ve paired it with the perfect attachments that allow you to stay on target and secure kills from any range.

Popular Warzone content creator WhosImmortal also highlighted the FTAC Recon in his April 21 YouTube video showing off “broken meta loadouts” in Season 3. While he too agrees that the weapon is very competitive, he warns players about the high skill gap of the weapon, which requires you to maintain accuracy while spamming the trigger.

Contributing to the gun’s high skill gap is the largest magazine size of 15, which can do the job so long as you hit your shots, but you will find yourself needing to reload fairly often. So, because of this, we recommend running the Sleight of Hand Perk so that you can reload as fast as possible and get back to combat.

Give this Battle Rifle a go if you’re looking for a new long-range loadout with some versatility, as it works great when paired with a close-range SMG like the FJX Horus.