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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Top Warzone creators Symfuhny & BobbyPoff encounter no cheaters after ban wave

Top Warzone content creators have reported encountering no cheaters since Activision banned 60,000 accounts.



Symfuhny Warzone cheaters

Top Warzone content creators such as Symfuhny, JGOD, and BobbyPoff have said they have encountered no cheaters following Activision’s massive ban wave.

While Warzone cheaters have been plaguing the game since its launch in March 2020, Activision’s recent move against cheaters appears to have made a huge difference.

In Warzone Season 1, the cheating problem culminated in a perfect storm with top players quitting competitive, a streamer being disqualified from the Twitch Rivals tournament, and internet celebrity Vikkstar making headline news by quitting Warzone.

Following Vikkstar’s announcement, Activision gave the community an update on the cheating situation. They revealed they have banned 60,000 cheaters and have promised updates to their internal anti-cheat system.

This recent ban wave appears to have deterred cheaters, with top streamers and content creators reporting that they haven’t encountered any cheaters since.

Symfuhny said that after playing for nine and a half hours over the past two days, “I haven’t died to a cheater once I don’t think.”

Warzone content creator JGOD, tweeted out that he “ran into Zero Suspected Hackers/Cheaters/Stimmers” in his Warzone session after the ban wave.

And streamer BobbyPoffGaming, who has been exceptionally vocal in his hatred of Warzone cheaters, has said much the same as Symfuhny and JGOD.

“Two days ago I ran into nine hackers,” he described. “Yesterday I ran into three hackers. Today, I’ve run into zero hackers. With the last update, it basically reset all the coding for all these cheating companies, so they’re scrambling right now to try and get all their software up and running.”

BobbyPoff explained that websites selling hacks can usually get back up and running in a few hours, but this ban wave seems to have stumped them.

“I just hope that if they do get back up again Activision does something quicker,” he concluded.

Warzone players were unconvinced this ban wave would actually do anything, as Warzone cheaters could just make completely new accounts and start cheating again. However, it appears this ban wave has had an immediate effect.

Image Credit: Symfuhny / Activision