TheGrefg confirms he’s the next Fortnite Icon Series skin

Hamza Khalid
TheGrefg Icon Series skin in Fortnite

Gamer and Vlogger David “TheGrefg” Cánovas has dropped a teaser on Twitter which confirms that he will be the next free skin that players can unlock in the new Icon Series Fortnite tournament.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 is filled with a variety of exciting content, such as crossovers with other franchises, new quests, Exotic Weapons, and fun weekly challenges. We are also expecting a brand new skin for the Fortnite Icon Series.

Icon Series skins are exclusive YouTuber and Twitch streamer skins that you can unlock ahead of their release by participating in the Fortnite Icon Series Tournament. Players were able to get the Lachlan skin through this competition in 2020.

Now, YouTuber and Twitch streamer David “TheGrefg” Cánovas has confirmed that he will be the next Icon Series Fortnite skin.

David "TheGrefg" Cánovas

TheGrefg is the next Fortnite Icon Series skin

TheGrefg is a Gamer and Vlogger who is massively popular on both YouTube and Twitch. He has a huge following and is a dedicated fan of Fortnite, so he recently decided to share some big news with his many followers.

While the developers themselves haven’t stated anything official at this point, the streamer took to Twitter in order to create hype. He posted a teaser image along with the date on which we’ll see a brand new Fortnite Icon Series skin.

This Tweet roughly translates as “Official Presentation of my Fortnite Skin live.

Monday, January 11 at 20:00 (CEST)

I share you with great emotion, THE FIRST TEASER.”

The content creator is clearly eager about the upcoming reveal of the skin and wanted to share his excitement with his followers. He has over 660,000 concurrent views on Twitch, which is a record-breaking amount.

It’s understandable why Epic Games would pick him to be the focus of the new Fortnite Icon Series tournament. This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned this, as he teased some big news to his fans in a stream earlier this week.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5

YouTuber SinX6 clipped the section in which TheGrefg talked about his time in Fortnite. He made it clear that he’s going to stick with the Battle Royale game for a long time and then started talking about the skin.

“l will never leave Fortnite,” said the content creator “Especially now that my skin is ready to come out. By the way, there’s something real big coming out this week, so don’t worry.”

This fueled mass speculation among his fans that he might be the next free Fortnite Icon Series skin, and now Cánovas has confirmed that theory. This has come caused great excitement among his fanbase, consisting of more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube.

This competition is similar to the tournaments that were in Chapter 2, Season 4, such as the ones that let you unlock the Daredevil and Ghost Rider skins. While we haven’t heard any official confirmation from the devs, you will probably be able to participate in this event on any platform.

Be sure to take part in it if you want to unlock some exclusive free skins before they officially come out to the item shop. Only a few players manage to walk away with the exciting prize in these tournaments, so expect a real fight.

Epic Games also have a wide variety of other competitions planned for the rest of the year. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about any new Fortnite developments in 2021.

Image Credits: Epic Games/ David “TheGrefg” Cánovas

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