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The Finals March 9 patch notes: Static audio bug fixed, XP adjustments & more

The Finals March 9 update is here to fix some early issues in the closed beta, so here are the full patch notes detailing every change.



The Finals character in front of crowd

The Finals closed beta is well underway, and plenty of players and high-profile streamers are trying out the bold FPS. A new update has arrived to solve some early issues, so here are The Finals March 9 patch notes.

The FPS genre is one of the most crowded on the market, but that hasn’t stopped The Finals from trying to revolutionize it with its ambitious gameplay.

Since The Finals closed beta arrived on March 7, the free-to-play title has generated plenty of buzz among PC players, with big names like Dr Disrepsect praising its unique spin on an arena multiplayer shooter.

While the response has been mostly positive, a handful of issues have emerged that players want to see fixed. Luckily, The Finals March 9 update is here to address some of these problems, so here are the full patch notes.

The Finals March 9 update fixes static audio

Since The Finals closed beta went live, players have reported an audio bug where a crackling noise is present throughout each match. While it didn’t seem to completely drown out the rest of the audio, it caused plenty of frustration in the opening days, with many comparing it to white noise.

The March 9 update completely fixes the audio issue, as the patch notes explain that fans can “say goodbye” to the sound for good.

The Finals map
The Finals gives players sprawling maps to destroy.

Major XP adjustments in The Finals March 9 update

Although The Finals is still in beta form, it still comes with a Battle Pass for players to level up. However, those who hopped into the game right away felt that the XP rewards weren’t high enough and leveling up to earn rewards was taking too long.

The devs have looked to solve this problem in the March 9 patch, as players will now receive 500XP for each round played, no matter the outcome.

The Finals March 9 update patch notes

Check out the entire The Finals March 9 update patch notes below, courtesy of developer Embark Studios:

  • Say goodbye to the crackling noise.!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented rewards from showing up
  • Made it easier to pick up statues to prevent triggering unintentional revives
  • The “phantom footsteps” bug should be gone now
  • Fixed a bug that made vaults go flying when goo was attached to them
  • A major adjustment to XP for win/loss: now you’ll earn 500 XP for each round played
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck in the menu
  • We fixed the most frequent client crashes
  • And smaller bug fixes and adjustments

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Image credit: Embark Studios