Is Forza Motorsport on Steam Deck?

Aakash Regmi
Car racing in Autumn in Forza Motorsport on edited Steam Deck

Forza Motorsport is finally out, and with a game this massive in terms of both size and scope, outdated PCs might struggle to run it smoothly. The Steam Deck has proved to be a prominent gaming platform lately, so here’s everything to know about playing Forza Motorsport on it.

Forza Motorsport is Microsoft’s highly ambitious reboot of the Motorsport franchise, aiming to enhance realism and offer a game with polished racing mechanics to fans. With 20 new tracks500-plus vehicles, AI overhauls, and much-needed progression changes, players are ready to dive into the game.

However, the demanding system requirements for Forza Motorsport might not be pleasing to everyone. The game’s massive file size and next-gen graphics, among other factors, can prove to be a hassle for low-end machines.

So let’s see if the Steam Deck is capable enough to run Forza Motorsport.

Two cars racing at night in Forza Motorsport
No past Forza Motorsport games are on Steam.

Can you play Forza Motorsport on Steam Deck?

You can play Forza Motorsport on the Steam Deck, as it is available on Steam, but it is not a Steam Deck Verified title, which means that there is no official support for the game.

The result of this can already be seen as many players have reported that the game crashes after booting up into the game’s splash screen. Some players, however, have managed to get the game started. However, while the game usually maintains 30 FPS, reports of bugs, stutters, and frame drops are all over the place.

A verification badge could arrive down the road if performance on the Steam Deck gets improved, as Forza Motorsport has extensive post-launch content planned. However, as far as current performance goes, its better for players to consider running the game on an Xbox or PC until performance on the Steam Deck gets better.

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