Starfield player finds a brutal but somehow legal way to murder NPCs

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield NPC

With the abundance of police forces in Starfield cities, murdering, robbing, or smuggling has become quite difficult in the game. However, one player has found a pretty safe way to commit these crimes without ringing any alarms in the Settled Systems.

Starfield received certain important gameplay fixes in its recent patch after an enormously successful launch. Although the game has been refined and polished in a new engine, it still has Bethesda’s famous NPC style. With certain absurd NPC interactions to weird moments, Starfield has given the community various funny moments already.

As the story takes place in the year 2330, the security system in the settled system is highly advanced. So it gets a bit tedious to evade their ever-watchful eyes and commit some crimes for roleplaying in Starfield. But, Reddit user Qwerty has apparently found a somewhat legal way to commit murders in the game.

Starfield player discovers a way to murder NPCs safely

Starfield player Qwerty has posted a video on Reddit claiming that he has “found a way to get the Akila City Security uniform without breaking laws.” Not only you can use it to murder NPCs but also loot their bodies.

As seen in the video, the method simply involves hitting the NPCs on their head repeatedly with a heavy object such as the one shown in the video. Keep repeating this until the NPC, well, dies.

Although the video was strictly meant to demonstrate how to get the Akila City Security uniform, you can pretty easily use this against the other NPCs in Starfield. The game doesn’t seem to register that it’s you dealing the damage, so you’ll get away with the brutal murder scot-free.

Some of the best areas in the game to make use of this method are New Atlantis, Akila City, Neon, and Paradiso. Of course, you can do this anywhere until you find the right object and some NPCs, these are the areas with the largest amount of people in Starfield.

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