What is the most popular game on Roblox?

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Roblox is known for offering an endless amount of games to its users but naturally, only a few of these games turn out to be worldwide hits for years. Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular game in Roblox history.

Roblox’s game library is as massive as it gets. There are games ranging from Restaurant Tycoon where you can create and manage your own restaurant to Project Ghoul which is based on the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul.

The quantity and quality of experiences have increased significantly since the first Roblox game was released in 2006. Now, there are several games with over 1 billion visits, and here’s the most popular game on Roblox.

MeepCity is one of the most played games in Roblox history.

As of April 2023, Adopt Me is the most popular Roblox game with over 32.5 billion visits, 6 million likes, and thousands of active players. The role-playing game was released in 2017 and it has fetched the top spot within just six years.

What makes Adopt Me so popular is its wholesome world where you can endlessly make friends and explore new areas for pets. There are different animals that you can pet and finding your favorite isn’t an arduous task.

Adopt Me also allows you to raise pets and role-play with other players on the server. Considering that it is the most played game in Roblox’s history, you should find a group of in-game friends fairly quickly.

Animals from Adopt Me swimming.
You can get Legendary pets in Adopt Me for free by visiting certain locations.

Followed by Adopt Me, we have several amazing titles like Shindo Life, Blox Fruits, and Murder Mystery 2 that have successfully maintained an enormous active user base in 2023. Having said that, Adopt Me’s popularity is unmatched.

With over 32 billion visits, Adopt Me! is also the most popular Roblox game in history. Despite fierce competition from several other games, the role-playing game and its adorable pets have captivated the Roblox community.

Following Adopt Me!, the most popular Roblox games (in terms of total visits) are:

  • Adopt Me!- 32.67 billion visits
  • Brookhaven RP – 29.22 billion visits
  • Tower of Hell – 20.4 billion visits
  • Blox Fruits – 15.43 billion visits
  • MeepCity – 15.18 billion visits
  • Piggy – 11.5 billion visits
  • Murder Mystery 2 – 10.3 billion visits
Adopt Me is perfect for children because of its simple and light-hearted mechanics.

It won’t be a surprise if Brookhaven RP soon catches Adopt Me! and becomes the most popular game on Roblox ever. Until then, you can try out a bunch of new games and play what best suits your playstyle.

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