How many people play Roblox? May 2024 player count

Aakrit Sharma
Roblox characters in an open world

Roblox has remained one of the most popular gaming platforms for over a decade. So, if you’re curious about the number of players diving into the game, here’s Roblox’s player count in May 2024.

Roblox attracts millions of players every month, despite several titles like Gray Zone Warfare, Stellar Blade, and more boasting massive player counts worldwide.

With new and popular experiences being added every day, if you’re looking to find out the player count for Roblox, we’ve got you covered below.

Different types of Roblox characters posing
Roblox games can be played through the platform’s official launcher and mobile application.

Roblox player count in May 2024

According to, over 195 million people played Roblox in the last 30 days, between April and May 2024, and the max daily player count clocked in at around 52.8 million players.

Keep in mind that the stats on the platform are estimates and don’t paint the entire picture. That said, it isn’t hard to imagine that Roblox has over 200 million monthly players, considering it offers more than 30 million experiences.

Roblox peak player count

Roblox first achieved 200 million monthly players in April 2021 and by December 2021, it boasted 225 million monthly active users. While Roblox is yet to break its own record, it has managed to retain a major chunk of its player base for years.

Roblox games are still gaining prominence as they are prioritizing gameplay over graphics. It is safe to assume that the player count won’t change dramatically shortly, but we’ll make sure to update this article with the latest information.

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