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All Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator Codes in December 2022: Free Fruits, Coins, more

With these redeemable codes for Roblox’s Anime Worlds Simulator, you can get free coins, boosts, and other freebies in December 2022.



Madara Uchiha and Pain in Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator

Exploring the beautiful anime-like worlds in Anime Worlds Simulator becomes a lot easier if you have powerful characters. To unlock and upgrade your favorites for free, you can use these Anime Worlds Simulator codes that are working in December 2022.

Anime Worlds Simulator was created by Macaw Games in Roblox. It features worlds from different anime universes like One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z. Even though the concept is similar to Anime Warriors and Anime Punching Simulator, there are several unique elements in the game.

To step into the battle and conquer every world, you need to have a team with strong fighters and enough resources. To aid that, Roblox codes can reward you with power-ups and in-game currencies that you can use on your adventures.

Here’s a list of codes that work as of December 2022 and how you can redeem them.

Goku and Majin Buu in Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator

Working Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator Codes in December 2022

Here’s a list of working Anime Worlds Simulator Codes:

  • 60kfruits – 2x Fruits Boost for 15 Minutes
  • 60klegends – 5x Legendary Chance for 15 Minutes
  • 15klikes – 5x Legendary Orb Chance for 15 Minutes
  • 1klikes – 2x Coins for 15 Minutes
  • 30kmythical – 5x Mythical Chance for 15 Minutes
  • 30kcoins – 10x Coins for 15 Minutes

The above-listed codes might be case-sensitive, so make sure to copy the codes as it is and then use them for better results.

Expired Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator Codes in December 2022

As of yet, there are no expired Codes in Anime Worlds Simulator. You can use all the previous codes listed above to redeem the corresponding rewards in Roblox.

However, as soon as a code is no longer valid, we’ll update the article with the relevant info.

Garou and Genos in Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator

How to redeem Anime Worlds Simulator Codes in Roblox

To redeem Anime Worlds Simulator Codes in Roblox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open up Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator on your PC or Mobile.
  2. Search for a Twitter icon on the left side of the screen and click it.
  3. It will open the code redemption window.
  4. Copy a code from the working codes list above.
  5. Simply paste it into the text box on the redemption window.
  6. Click the redeem button. And you’re done!

You will now be able to see your rewards on the main screen and will be able to use them on your journey into different Anime Worlds.

The devs of Anime Worlds Simulator have further announced on their official Roblox page that they will release more codes for rewards after their game hits 100,000 likes. We’ll make sure to keep you updated via this article as soon as new codes are released.

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Image Credits: Roblox