What was the first game on Roblox?

Aakrit Sharma
Roblox art

Roblox has grown exponentially since its launch in 2006, catering to almost every type of gamer with its wide range of games. If you want to learn more about the platform’s history, here’s everything you need to know about the first game on Roblox and the oldest game that you can still play.

Roblox gives you free rein to create, share, and play games together with your friends. From anime games like Kaizen and Demonfall to role-playing delights such as Adopt Me and Brookhaven RP, the platform has millions of exciting games, which makes it pretty easy to find the one that suits you best.

While you enjoy the latest and greatest from Roblox, you may often find yourself wondering where it all started, and what the very first Roblox game was. So, here’s a throwback to the first Roblox game ever and how it compares to the ones we see now.

Screengrab of Roblox Rocket Arena showcasing various blocks interconnected by bridges.
The first Roblox game didn’t have the best graphics but inspired many games.

Rocket Arena: the first Roblox game ever

Rocket Arena is the first Roblox game ever. It’s an original game developed by Roblox and a few years back, ‘Classic’ was added to the name and it’s now called Classic: Rocket Arena.

The game’s release date is as early as January 2006 and it remained relevant for almost a decade. It was a free-for-all fighting game and could be the inspiration behind a plethora of other games in the genre.

You could use jets and rockets and blow-up bridges to win games in Rocket Arena. Falling into the lava spelled death, and the game was as chaotic as it sounds.

Rocket Arena, as the first Roblox game ever, amassed almost 2 million visits before an update broke it. In 2015, the in-game tools stopped functioning properly and the game basically became unplayable.

In 2017, the developers officially shut down Rocket Arena and it is unlikely that we’ll ever see it back. There are a ton of remakes on Roblox but none of them will recreate the legacy of the original game.

The oldest game on Roblox that is still playable

Back in November 2006, Roblox user ‘amanda’ created a game called Experience Gravity and yes, it is exactly what the name suggests. You jump off a baseplate and experience gravity.

Roblox Experience Gravity thumbnail.
Experience Gravity was released in November 2006.

Surprisingly, at the time of writing, this game still has some active users. It has managed to hit 15 million visits, which is a huge accomplishment as well.

Rocket Arena and Experience Gravity might not be the best Roblox games ever, but they certainly deserve credit for paving the way for others.

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