How to redeem a Roblox gift card

Aakrit Sharma
Roblox characters in official art work

From premium subscriptions and Robux to free cosmetics, there’s a lot that you can get by redeeming Roblox gift cards. To help you get the most exciting items without any hassle, here’s a guide on how to redeem Roblox gift cards.

There are millions of games on Roblox with several unique themes. From Adopt Me to Your Bizarre Adventure to Vehicle Legends, every genre is loaded with high-quality games and one thing common among all these titles are the freebies that you can get through Roblox codes.

Roblox codes have already made it easy to get freebies, but players can take things up a notch by gifting each other cards. Roblox gift cards come in physical as well as digital versions and they hand out amazing rewards upon redemption.

If you’ve just received a Roblox gift card, check out this guide that explains how to redeem it.

A gift card in Roblox
Roblox gift cards cannot be redeemed on the mobile app.

Steps to redeem a Roblox gift card

You can follow these steps to redeem a Roblox gift card:

  1. Visit the official Roblox gift card redemption website.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Find the PIN or code of your gift card and enter it in the white box on the redemption website.
  4. Select Redeem.
  5. If the code is correct and valid, you should get the corresponding rewards.

Do note that the redemption website mentioned above is the only official way to redeem Gift Cards. You cannot redeem them on the mobile app or consoles.

Moreover, the gift card you’re redeeming should be denominated in the same currency as the country your Roblox account is registered. This means that players in the United States cannot redeem gift cards in Euros and likewise, players in Europe cannot redeem gift cards in USD.

What rewards can you get from a Roblox gift card?

Roblox gift cards can contain one of these two rewards:

  • Credit – The person who redeems the card will get real money that they can choose to spend on Robux or premium Roblox subscriptions.
  • Robux – The person who redeems the card will get Robux that they can spend on cosmetics like the Headless Horseman or other Roblox items.

We hope this guide helps you redeem Roblox gift cards and get a wide range of freebies. For more Roblox content, you can check out our code lists for major games like Shindo Life, Mad City, and Little World.