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All Roblox Little World codes in February 2023: Free stars and levels

By redeeming these Little World codes on Roblox, you’ll be able to get amazing free rewards like Tokens and levels in February 2023.



A Camp Fire in Roblox's Little World

Your progress in Roblox’s Little World largely depends on mechanics like fruit collection, training, and open-world exploration. If you’re tired of the grind, redeem these Little World codes for free Stars and emotes in February 2023.

Considering that there are millions of games on Roblox, it isn’t a surprise that there’s a game that lets you literally play like a bug. Simulator experiences like Strongman Simulator, Driving Simulator, and Car Dealership Tycoon are already popular among players but Little World certainly stands out.

You start your journey as a ladybug but there are several interesting elements such as evolutions, bosses, and fruits. The goal is to become the strongest bug out there.

If you want to get a kickstart in Little Word, check out these redeemable codes that offer free stars in February 2023.

An ant in Roblox's Little World

All working Little World codes in February 2023

These Little World codes will hand out free rewards to you in February 2023:

  • FreeRareColors – 2 Color Pods
  • Duck175K – Duck Emote
  • House – One level  
  • Furniture – 1,000 Stars
  • Berries – One level
  • Squads – 2x EXP for four hours
  • LegendaryLike – One Legendary Color Pod 
  • FreeColors – Three Common Color Pods 
  • FreeLevel – One level
  • CarbonMeister – 50 Tokens
  • CDTV – 50 Tokens
  • DrakeCraft – 50 Tokens
  • SnugLife – 50 Tokens
  • RazorFish – 50 Tokens
  • Roblerom – 50 Tokens
  • Cookieboiyt – 50 Tokens
  • ToadBoiGaming – 50 Tokens
  • ItzVortex – 50 Tokens
  • GrumpyGravy – 50 Tokens
  • Baxtrix – 50 Tokens
  • JeffBlox – 50 Tokens
  • GamingDanv – 50 Tokens
  • Frash – 50 Tokens

Do note that Roblox codes can be case-sensitive. Hence, it is always better to copy-paste them directly from the list above. Little World is inching towards 500k likes and the developers have promised to release a new free pet for players when it happens.

When Little World hits 500k likes on Roblox, Counter Impact might release a new redeemable code too and we’ll update this list accordingly.

All expired Little World codes in February 2023

The following Little World codes no longer offer rewards and have expired:

  • 75000 – 2x XP for two hours
  • Controls – 750 stars
  • Obby – 2x XP for one hour
  • BOSSES – 500 stars
  • EasterSecret – 2x XP for one hour
  • 100KThankYou – Emote
  • GoldenRat – 2x XP for two hours
  • Rat – 500 stars
  • ThankYou20K – 750 stars
  • 120KThankYou – 2x XP for four hours
  • Egg – 2x XP for two hours.
  • EasterLevel – One level
A Camp Fire in Roblox's Little World

How to redeem Little World codes on Roblox

Follow these steps to redeem Little World codes and get free rewards:

  1. Launch Little World through the official Roblox website.
  2. Tap on the Twitter/bird icon on the left side of the screen. A redemption box should appear.
  3. Copy-paste or carefully type the desired code in the box and tap redeem.
  4. The rewards will be added to your inventory if the code is correct and active.

Codes are great for both Roblox developers and players. While the former can promote their game through such free rewards, the latter can boost their progress with minimal effort.

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Image Credits: Counter Impact