Capcom survey gives Resident Evil fans a say in next remake

resident evil code: veronica gameplayCapcom

Capcom are putting the choice in Resident Evil players’ hands as they release a survey asking the community which remakes they would like to see next.

Resident Evil fans have been treated with some incredible remakes in recent years, as Capcom have been pumping them out as well as bringing an end to the story of Ethan Winters with Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 4 was the latest game to be remade, and it sure made its impact on the impressive list of releases 2023 has provided the gaming community so far. That said, there are still Resident Evil games that fans of the survival horror franchise would love to see, and luckily, Capcom is giving fans a say in what comes next.

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As Capcom looks to expand its remake repertoire, they’ve released a survey asking which Resident Evil game fans want to see remade.

How to vote for the next Resident Evil remake

By visiting the survey link, players can scroll to the bottom and answer the survey, which presents a variety of questions from personal information to your knowledge and experience with the Resident Evil franchise.

After making your way through a series of questions, you will then be asked to let Capcom know “if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade.”

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Here, you can enter which Resident Evil games you would like remade, and as there is no limit, you can mention as many of the games you want to see remade as you want, such as Resident Evil Code: Veronica or the original Resident Evil.

There are rumors that Resident Evil 5 will be remade, but this is just speculation. Perhaps this survey will act as a gauge for Capcom to see how many are actually interested in a Resident Evil 5 remake as opposed to other games in the series.

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It’s unclear how much this will influence their remake decisions, but it seems like another remake will definitely be coming in the future, perhaps after Resident Evil 9.

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