Rural Pokemon Go player “stuck” with zero spawns for a year

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A Pokemon Go player serving in the army for a year has found zero Pokemon spawns in the area. This issue highlights a major Pokemon Go concern among players regarding limited spawns in rural areas.

Ever since its introduction in 2016, Pokemon Go has become one of the most popular games in the Pokemon franchise. While urban players can enjoy the game, players in rural environments have to deal with a lack of regular Pokemon spawns around them.

When it comes to locations distant from the city such as military bases or the countryside, players may not find a single regular Pokemon spawn (other than the daily spawn feature in the game).

Pokemon Go player in the army finds zero spawns

The player featured in the above Reddit post showed that there are literally zero Pokemon Go spawns in their area. Moreover, the player is “stuck” in the army for a year. So this player may not be able to enjoy the game for an entire year due to the lack of spawns in such areas.

Throughout the last seven years, players have eagerly wanted to see rural area spawn rates improve to match urban areas. However, this is yet to become a reality. This is just one among the several other concerns that players have expressed in the last few months.

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While the Pokemon Go player in the army will not be getting regular spawns, they will still be able to catch at least one Pokemon due to the daily spawn feature in the game. With Pokemon Go set to be the “top priority” for Niantic, players are hopeful that there may be improvements coming to the game shortly.

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