Pokemon TCG player uses impressive Snorlax stall strategy to dominate Gdansk Masters Finals

Lucas Simons
Poland TCG Regionals Champion Lukasz MazurkiewiczThe Pokemon Company

The Poland Pokemon Regional Championships were held in Gdansk, and the TCG Masters Finals have already seen quite an incredible strategy from one of the top players: Lukasz Mazurkiewicz became the Regional 2024 Champion with impressive Snorlax play.

Pokemon TCG gameplay is always shifting according to the strategies that most top players use. Stalling is considered one of the most controversial plays in the current meta, but the new Poland Regional Championship winner proved that it is a viable and powerful strategy against even the most experienced players.

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Lukasz Mazurkiewicz prevailed over Erin Kingma on the Gdansk Regional Masters Finals by using a Snorlax Stall strategy, commonly referred to as “Stallax.”

The current holder of the Pokemon TCG Poland Championship used a series of by-the-book plays combined with the stalling power of the Snorlax card and controlled the situation from the start, making his opponent’s Charizard play crumble to dust.

During the Gdansk Regional Championship, these players showed incredible prowess and fought tooth and nail to prevail as the 2024 Champions.

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It is worth mentioning that Lukasz Mazurkiewicz and Erin Kingma prevailed over a whooping 576 participants of the Swiss Rounds, then stood up during the Top cut and made it to the finals using a combination of rock-solid strategies and by-the-book plays.

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During the Masters Final, Mazurkiewicz displayed a cold-blooded stall strategy using Snorlax stalling and Rotom V-support, while Kingma went for a more aggressive approach, playing his Pidgeot ex and then bumping up energy. Mazurkiewicz responded by playing Miss Fortune Sisters to chop down Kingma’s deck and decimating his Item play.

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For the rest of the match, the now-consecrated Champion kept chipping away at Erin Kingma’s plays by forcing him to deck away his cards and provoking him to rush his Charizard play while keeping the play around stalling and countering with trainer cards. Ultimately, Kingma recognized the superiority of his rival and forfeited to reach the second game.

Pokemon TCG Poland Regional Masters FinalThe Pokemon Company
Mazurkiewicz’s Snorlax-stall (Stallax) strategy granted him victory over Kingma’s Charizard play.

The second game of the Final Match could be qualified as one of the fastest games on record, with an impressive headstart from Mazurkiewicz, who, after the initial shuffle and cut, had a clear advantage. He started by repeating his Snorlax card, and Kingma responded with Charmander.

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Mazurkiwicz then played a Battle VIP Pass Item card and re-shuffled his deck, gaining the upper hand once more and forcing Kingma to rush his play. Kingma saw what was coming ahead, as the prize pool was not boding well for his strategy, thus conceding once more.

From the get-go, Lukasz Mazurkiwicz proved his superiority and rock-solid strategy, but luck is also a relevant factor in Pokemon TCG, so you could say that Kingma also had poor luck during the shuffle phases and was unable to consolidate his play.

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