Pokemon Go players shocked to learn why Bewear is banned from the game

Lucas Simons
Bewear in the anime

Pokemon trainers are trying to figure out why one of the most meta species in Pokemon Go is banned from all activities, and a group of players seem to have found the answer.

Like in every competitive game, Pokemon Go has its metas and preferred picks, and Bewear is one of the most sought-after Pokemon both for PvP and PvE. A combination of strong stats, and an incredibly good moveset, turns this seemingly cute bear into a force to be reckoned with.

However, the community has noticed that this Pokemon is banned from every activity, and many trainers have tried to explain the reasons behind Niantic‘s decision to block this species from all PvE/PvP fights.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘MR’ in the Pokemon Go subreddit, and the community quickly gathered to debate why Bewear deserves to be restricted in the game.

It all started when the OP asked the community: “Is Bewear banned from PvP?” To what most of the community answered affirmatively.

Reddit user ‘BingoBob_1’ explained the reason behind this ban: ” Niantic somehow goofed up during December’s Community Day and accidentally gave Bewear Drain Punch as a Fast Move for an hour or so in New Zealand. These bugged Bewear are hilariously broken in PvP since they basically just destroy anything in seconds while instantly boosting its Defense to its maximum.”

But the ban on Stufful‘s evolution doesn’t stop at just player versus player activities. According to several Pokemon Go players, Bewear is not only excluded from PvP activities but from Raids and Team Go Rocket fights as well: “Banned from all fights, couldn’t get into a balloon battle with him unfortunately.”

Another Pokemon Go player also commented: “I have a shiny Bewear as my buddy and suddenly couldn’t battle with him for the hearts, I thought I was going crazy.”

Niantic hasn’t offered an estimated time of resolution for this issue, but we will let you know when you can use Bewear again for Pokemon Go activities.

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